The herd moves across the desert

Last night we had a group of close to 30 hikers depart Hiker Town for our Glow in the Dark walk along the aqueduct into the Mojave desert. I commented to UB that I’d never seen such support and excitement for an event during the hike. Hikers are sometimes like racehorses ready to bolt out of their gate, so I was amazed that so many chose to wait until dark so we could all set off into the night together.

The herd moved together for close to 7 miles before groups started to break off and people chose to set up camp along the way. The beauty of the glow sticks lighting up the long flat stretch of trail could be seen for miles. Every dog in the neighbourhood barked their approval as we wandered by, we must have looked like some large moving rave party!


We slept of the road right next to the aqueduct. Some hikers reported trucks driving past in the middle of the night but we didn’t hear a thing. We were up at sunrise this morning and made an early departure before the sun rose too high.


We stopped for breakfast after a few miles and enjoyed scrambled eggs and coffee with our limited amount of HEET fuel after it leaked in my bag when the lid mysteriously came loose. UB has been getting into the habit of simply adding cold water to meals and leaving them in the sun to cook. Seems to be working just fine. His feet are really troubling him and like me has become quite creative in his foot care by strapping a sock to the bottom of his foot with duct tape.


This was meant to be a 17 mile stretch without water but there were trail angels along the way that left coolers out with water and cold green tea. We met three of the people who left out the first cooler and thanked them for their kindness. There was also another couple up the road in a trailer who left out gallons of water, and we later discovered fed hikers pancakes!


We worked our way through the wind farms to the official water cache at Cottonwood Creek Bridge. We caught up with Pac Man and the head of the herd before they departed. We then found shade, ate lunch and have snoozed until the temperature is ideal again for hiking this evening around 8pm.



One thought on “The herd moves across the desert

  1. Hi darling, some great photos, poor Pacific Crest Trail sign, some shooters target. Can’t believe the big wind farms, must generate a lot of electricity. Scrambled eggs and coffee sounds good. You two, just go on your own pace, some hiking and some resting and you will get there with those poor feet of UB. How are yours standing up to all that walking? Love your blog darling, it feels that I am there. Success for the next miles, enjoy.
    Love Mutti xxoo

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