To hell with Tehachapi

When shitting in the woods and your own filth is more appealing than the hotel room you’re in, you know you’ve picked a doozie! For any hiker out there considering accommodation in Tehachapi, either run for the hills or avoid the Ranch Motel like the plague.


Not only do they give you the room key before they even consider cleaning up after the person before you, when you do ask for the bed to be made, they tell you they’re busy catching a chicken that got loose in the yard and actually ask you to help them capture it.

On the up side the woman eventually agreed to do my laundry, gave me a clean towel and some left over soap from another tenant, AND I found a used jumper and T-shirt in the hiker box to wear about this thriving metropolis!

I’m sitting on the floor of this luxury suite hoping I’m not contracting anything from the un-vacuumed carpet and praying the chicken will soon be captured so I can lay down and put my tired feet up. I did 16 miles today after polishing off 7 last night through some of the windiest terrain we’ve been exposed to so far.


I ended up camping at a small stream where a few other tents were set up and finally laid out under the stars by 11:30pm. I set the alarm for 4:30am but didn’t even hear it and woke up with the sun just after 5am. I quickly filled up some water and cleaned my pot, bowl and cup before heading up the hills above the wind farms.


At 8:30am I reached the first water cache and caught up to Pac Man who was just about to set off. I was so relieved that there was water available which meant I could indulge in a cup of coffee!

It was a windy 9 miles from the water cache to Willow Springs Rd where Pac Man’s wife was waiting to take him into Tehachapi. It was mostly downhill and in sections the wind was so strong we had to run down the hills because our knees were not strong enough to stop the momentum.



Pac Man’s wife Leanne and his two dogs greeted us and our sore feet at the road around 1pm. I needed to make a decision about accommodation and unfortunately for me I’m stuck in this town until the post office opens on Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend. I’m planning to venture up the road to ‘down town’ Tehachapi to scope out something for dinner and hopefully some kind of grocery store. They weren’t lying when they said this town was spread out. I honestly just want to get the hell out of here!!

11 thoughts on “To hell with Tehachapi

  1. We know those winds. When we segment-hiked that area, they blew us around for as long as we could stand it. Hope the remainder of your stay gets better. Can’t thank you enough for the video of Friday night and all you and UB and all the rest have done. Be safe.
    Glow in the Dark & 3-Guy

  2. I’d better get on TripAdvisor about the Roach – oops – Ranch Motel. The town sounds like a place to drive through quickly. The desert would have more appeal.

  3. Hi darling, doesn’t sound too appealing over there. Was that chicken supposed to be the dinner that evening? At least you got a jumper and T-shirt out of it. A pity that you have to wait until Tuesday, could you find anything different? Have a rest on the bed and may the creepy crawlies stay away from you. Love Mutti xxoo

  4. Hi Rozanne,

    Looks like we were on the opposite ends of experiences. We just traveled about 2800 miles (no walking- no blisters), attended a beautiful wedding (Don’s niece) and stayed in a nice hotel (clean shower- and we weren’t even dirty; nice bed- and we were tired). However, the bride and groom also had a disappointing hotel experience. In their case it was the Presidential suite at a fancy hotel ($$$$$)- dirty champagne glasses, gas fireplace that didn’t work, dirty bathtub. Not as bad your experience but it was their wedding night.

    Hopefully this was your worst experience of the trip. Now you can check that off! I’m waiting to hear about the “silver lining” – isn’t there always one? Love your blog and the time you take to keep us informed. Can’t wait to read the book.

    Chin up,


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