14 thoughts on “Taking wind swept to a whole new level

  1. I think you’re amazing too! But I’m kinda sorta wondering… in your daytime vids, where you’re trekking through the wind farm.. didn’t anyone tell you there’d be lots of… well, wind? LOL.

  2. HI Roxanne,
    My name is Dean Sala of Suntactics and I developed the sCharger-5 that you are using. I sure hope it is working out for you. I see that you are mounting it to your backpack. May I ask what you are charging? Just a heads up, you may not need to mount it to your backpack and just charge when you take a break as it charges very quickly. And depending on what you are charging, in and out of shade with solar panels, in general, could have some issues. Solid sun is needed for Smartphone charging. If you are carrying a spare USB battery then you should be fine with intermittent shade but do not expect a lot of charge either. I give you permission to have small holes drilled in the corners of the panel to make it easier to mount with string, cord etc. I would rather have that then a lot of tension on the hinge area. We will back you up either way.
    Dean Sala, CEO

    • Hi Dean,
      Thanks so much for your note and I’d like to say that the Suntactics solar panel I’m using is the envy of many hikers out here. It is by far the most effective and lightweight solar panel I’ve come across on the PCT and the first one I have ever used. I power my USB power pod while I hike and then take the panel off my pack to charge my iPhone directly during my breaks. My iPhone has never gone flat the entire trip! Thank you for your advice about drilling holes in the panel. I’ve seen others do that but the velcro I use on top of the pack seems to work fine for now. Thanks for a great product and I hope other hikers benefit from it in the future. All the best, Rozanne

  3. Hi darling, if you had been a windmill, you would have generated so much electricity and would have looked like a burning light bulb wrestling your way through that forsaken country. You may have to look at the weather report next time. Stay safe darling, Mutti xx

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  5. Lieve Roosje,

    Well, well I saw you fighting against that strong wind. Your skin must have fallen of because of the sand and the wind. “Zandstralen”we call it in Holland. It was a long time ago, that I followed you. I must more watching you. I read the story, I saw the video’s. It was scarring, and I thougt you were. Lieve Roosje, you have a long way to go, but I hope your are happy and please, be carfull. Lots of love from Holland, from Joky, We are expecting your parents, we love that. Kusjes, Joky

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