The last of the wind storm

We’ve had zero reception for the last week and somehow I’ve managed to find a local in Kennedy Meadows to invite UB and I back to his house to use wifi! Thank you so much John! He’s even preparing me a Corona and lime as we speak…

Here’s a few more videos of the terrible weather I experienced that I hadn’t been able to post.

8 thoughts on “The last of the wind storm

  1. Hi darling, such weather to go through not easy. Pleased you caught up with the Sweedes, stay in contact even whilst you like to go on your own. Love Mutti xxoo

  2. Muk Muk! Your videos are awesome… I find myself laughing out loud with many of them! I now know a few more sections I will not be looking forward to next year… 😉 Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

  3. Muk Muk-Two months ago when you persevered through those horrible winds, can you imagine a brush fire raging in those winds? If you recall Green Valley (trail angels the Anderson’s home) suffered much damage in those winds. A few homes (miraculously, only a few) were lost, and the Anderson’s were fortunate enough NOT to have lost their home. The fires raged for over a week starting only days after you passed through. Just thought you might be interested in that information. Enjoying your posts/videos. You do a great job of posting what it is like on the trail.

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