At the top of Olancha Peak

Just climbed 12,900 feet (3520 meters) up Olancha Peak just off the PCT to get cell reception and the last two posts out! It’s amazing up here but I don’t think many other thru hikers will experience it with Mt Whitney only 50 miles away. I’m up here with a hiker I just met today called The Godfather. He started the same day as me but I only bumped into him today. I won’t have signal for at least another 80 miles at Independence.









8 thoughts on “At the top of Olancha Peak

  1. Hang in there! You are one of the toughest (if not the toughest) hikers I’m looking forward to meeting this year.

    When I was contemplating venturing south to California to trail angel, several 2012 thru-hikers pointed me to the section you just overcame saying things like it was lonely, dry, mind-numbing, drove them almost off the deep end. One person even said it was like she was going to lose her mind.

    A few inspirational quotes to roll-around in your head as you push on during solo sections may be helpful:

    Women are like teabags. We don’t know our true strength until we are in hot water. – Eleanor Roosevelt

    Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. – Anais Nin

  2. Hi Rozanne,

    So glad you are moving on after some pretty exciting adventures. Also, some pretty nice care. Pics are great. I like the above comment. Will remember. Guess I need to read more.


  3. The trail seems to represent a lifetime with all the experiences, insights, highs and lows packed tight. You’ve made it through the rocky, empty desert of despair and self doubt. I hope ahead lies an uplifting climb into more green and peaceful surroundings. The higher you climb the more you will see. So proud of your endurance and ability to keep us all in touch through the blogs. Wonderful photos and stories. Keep safe and sane.

  4. You can do this! I look forward to reading your posts and am just so impressed by your strength, determination and will power. X

  5. Hi darling, reading those words of Eleanor Roosevelt about women being like tea bags and not knowing our strength, I look at you and know for sure that you have an enormous lot of strength. You may not even know that. Your determination , drive and optimistic nature steer you the right way. Your mind is open for all kind of experience and that’s how your knowledge grows. Enjoy all, love you, Mutti xxoo

  6. Re-reading some of your blog today and just wanted to say that the pics from the top of Olancha with the clouds casting shadows on the valley below are incredible. That must have been wild in real life.

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