Lone Pine residents

After four days in this cowboy town, having sampled every cafe, bakery and saloon, I almost feel like a resident. I’m on a first name basis with the folks at Elevation, the outdoor gear store, and the waitress at the Alabama Hills cafe has served me breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. She even gave us a free cinnamon bun because we polished off the four plates of food she put in front of us the first time we ate there.

The two full days of rest have been good on UB’s knee, so hopefully when we hit the trail this afternoon he’ll be able to walk without too much pain. He’s got a serious knee brace and a stock of Ibuprofen to get him through to Independence. We’ve also combined some of our food and gear to lighten both of our packs and take some of the weight off. I have sent both my ice axe and bear canister full of a few unnecessary items to Ladybug to pick up during her trip through Cascade Locks.



I’ve also consumed more food during this town stop than any other. My feet are in good shape at the moment and my pack is now an acceptable weight. I even spoke to Chris at ULA packs today and he’s going to send me a new smaller hip belt to Independence on the house, because one of the zips had broken. Thank you Chris, you’re a champion!

Both Wendy and Lion King arrived in town yesterday and we’ve bumped into a host of other hikers. Most have come off the trail at Kearsage Pass after Whitney and Forrester Pass so UB and I will be behind our usual pack and will soon get to know some of the new herd coming up.

I just polished off a bag of pecan squares that Wendy gave us and am drinking my first Red Bull of the trip. I’m actually feeling wiped out by the thought of transitioning back to the trail. It’s never easy, especially after this amount of time.

We’ve settled on spending $15 a person to get a ride back up to the trail. Joclyn from Elevation will drive us up at 2pm in just under an hour. Until then we’ll continue to gorge on whatever we can get our hands on and see if we can push to Chicken Spring Lake 9 trail miles ahead.



8 thoughts on “Lone Pine residents

  1. Don’t understand why you sent your bear canister ahead. You need it through Yosemite, and what if UB cant continue? What will you do. It is not for you it is for the bears. If they get your food you will be adding to its eventual death because if it gets habituated to human food, they will kill it! You really should have a canister. I hope you two will be able to stay together so it won’t be an issue. But everything with a scent must go in it! I hope UB kept his!!!!!!!

    • All good with bear canisters. If UB can’t continue we’ll figure out another plan. I definitely don’t want to put the bears in any kind of danger. Thanks Blondie

  2. Will be on top of Whitney on Friday with some friends… New and old… Hope UB is feeling better and if by chance I get to see you and meet UB irl that would be awesome… Take care you two and enjoy every moment!!!

    • Are you up there today???? Just got reception, so much to update!!! Would have loved to have bumped into you. What a mountain!!!

  3. HI Rozanne,

    Wow! That’s an amazing amount of food. Can’t believe you are able to eat it all. Sounds like some happy zero days. You look very clean (also happy), must be a nice change to be clean but probably not very important in the scheme of things. I’m sure it won’t last long, once you hit the trail. Glad UB is feeling better. I hope he heals fast and is able to continue on. In addition to the trail, your getting to see a lot of small town America. An extra bonus (?). Looking forward to seeing pics of Mt Whitney – another place I’ve never been (in addition to all those small towns), although I have seen it from afar.


  4. Missed some days at your blog…
    But seeing and reading you do good! Happy for you!
    Got the birthday-greetings via your mother! Thanx.
    You rock!

  5. By now you and UB have probably summited Whitney. Congrats, Woot!!

    I just finished reading an excerpt of Orlando ‘Bart’ Bartholomew’s story of summiting Whitney in January 1926. It’s one of the many short stories in the Pacific Crest Trailside Readers. The Readers are anthologies of regional writing, historical stories, and selected journal entries of previous section and thru-hikers arranged in trail chronology order.

    I try to read just a few pages each day, just to stay ahead of the herd. The stories bring background and context to where you are passing through. Even though I am familiar with most areas you’ll pass through from my adventures, this provides a different view.

  6. Hi darling, you must have demolished the whole food supply of Lone Pine. Strength and weight must have come back to your bodies. Lovely for you to see Wendy. Interesting what Blondie said about the bear cannister and the bear,s life. Hope you sort that out by the time you need it. You may be half way on the mountain by now and meeting some lovely hikers. Enjoy it must be magical up there. Love you, Mutti xxoo

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