Seeking Independence

It was a challenging start to the day with exhaustion still lingering from yesterday and the cold temperature outside my tent at 4:30am in the morning. There were 16 trail miles and a 13 mile hitch standing between me and the Post Office in Independence, and from what I’d heard from other hikers, a huge amount of uphill climbing. Unfortunately they were right.

This time I was up well before UB, but I managed to coax him out of his warm tent so we could head up the steep morning climb together. On the first climb I was so out of breath and dizzy that I had to kneel down to stop the head spins, but after some breakfast and once I was warmed up, my body started to cooperate.


The stunning views along the Bullfrog Lake Trail heading to Kearsage Pass made the morning move quickly. The lakes in this area are pristine and I was suddenly envious of all the day and section hikers who can spend more time soaking up the beauty of this environment.

The climb up Kearsage was long, it felt more challenging than Forrester because of the steepness and length of the climb. I was so satisfied once we reached the top, but little did I know that the trail leading down was about four times as long and that we’d have to climb back up that way with 7 days of food on Sunday. Yikes!


Half way down to the Onion Valley trail head we passed a couple coming up the trail who stopped and asked of we were UB and Muk Muk. We were stunned and soon discovered that they were the owners of the motel that Blondie had contacted on our behalf and organised a lift for us. Stryder and Doug said they would be up and back by the time we reached the base of the trail and sure enough they even passed us before we reached the bottom.


They took us directly to the post office where I picked up three packages, and then onto the Chevron where I had another three packages waiting. It felt like Christmas! I had my resupply box, a package from Xy with spam, Darn Tough socks and moleskin (thank you!), a package from BJ with my iPod, treats and some liquor I’ll be taking to celebrate reaching the top of the pass (thank you!), a new Ice Breaker t-shirt from beautiful Sylvie so I’ll no longer stink my way down the trail (thank you!), a care package from Penny with our old time chocolate Vice Versa treats and a beautiful letter (thank you!), and my new insoles from REI!


I spent over an hour opening my packages, enjoying all of my new treats and gifts, then finally jumped in the shower, did laundry and got some real food in my belly!

In the evening UB’s mum Sherrie arrived with his puppy Bernard. We scoped out the Independence nightlife but couldn’t find a place to eat after 8:30pm and opted to cook up some trail food at the motel.

I think I’ve found myself a new trail friend…


17 thoughts on “Seeking Independence

    • I know!! You rock lady! That t-shirt honestly makes me smell like roses out here. Now I’m back in Muk Muk colours! Thank you so much and big thanks to the folks at Ice Breaker! X

  1. Hi Rozanne,

    I’m so glad it is Sat. and I actually have time to read all your posts as they arrive and watch UB’s videos. It has been a real treat. I’m looking outside my window at a gorgeous San Diego day but it pales next to the beautiful scenery that you are experiencing and fortunately giving us a chance to view. Your travel seems to go by so fast- here one minute and then you are at the next spot or town. I can’t imagine how you are taking it all in and amazed that your body endures. Loved the pic of you and UB all smiles in the warm sun. A job well done. You rock girl.


    • Thanks so much for your continuous motivation along the way. I often think back to the start of this adventure with you and Don in San Diego. What an amazing way to begin this experience and it’s so nice to know you’re still with me each step of the way! Love to you both xx

  2. Hi you guys, So amazing to continue to follow your journey, what a complete contrast in environment to what you had to hike through before the Sierra’s! Thanks for sharing so many of your feelings, emotions, it really gives one an idea of some of the true depth of what your going through.
    Climbed San Jacinto today, (above Idyllwild), was thinking of you guys. Stay high & happy,
    Scott 2

    • Hey Scott great to hear from you!! We have such good memories of Idyllwild and San Jacinto, almost feels like a lifetime ago. So glad you’re still following the journey. Would love to revisit your part of the country again! Take care and thanks for dropping us a note. Muk Muk and UB πŸ™‚

  3. Love your blog, love your pictures and UB’s video’s. I’ll probably never be able to have the grand adventure that you guys are having so thanks so much for sharing it with me.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! I’m so happy you’re enjoying the adventure, it’s been so much fun documenting the trip and I love having the opportunity to share it with you and others who may not be able to get out here and do such a thing. I hope it will inspire others to live their own adventures too!

  4. Hi darling, beautiful photos of the Bullfrog Lake. So nice to see the trees and green bushes between those rugged and gigantic mountains. It looks like Xmas with all those parcels you received, lucky girl. Love little Bernard, he looks so cozy with you. Love Mutti xxoo

  5. The pictures in this section have been so wonderful. I hope this finds you both refreshed from your zero in Independence and ready to hit the trail again. I’m putting together a care package for you both to post in the next week … any special treats you two might enjoy? wants?

    • Oooooooohhhh how exciting!!! UB says all he needs are hopes and prayers! I am a glutton for any sort of treats. We do drink a LOT of coffee (as you know I love) and you are the coffee specialist… so I’ll leave it up to you to surprise us!! Thank you Chris!!!!! I honestly thought Christmas only came once a year?? πŸ™‚

      • Hi Chris only got this now! I’ll be in Mammoth hopefully Monday afternoon so if you’ve sent something I will definitely get it Tuesday! Sooooo excited!! πŸ™‚

  6. STUNNING pictures of the lakes and mountains Rosi! Wow! You are going to have such great memories and photos to look back on. Hopefully you get enough time to enjoy at least SOME of the scenery while you are there… You sure have earned it!! Keep on smiling, and tearing up the track!!
    Best wishes for your safety and enjoyment.

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