Vermillion Valley Resort (VVR)

VVR was not a place I expected to visit on the trail, but considering I’ve almost been to every other resupply location I thought why the hell not. UB was desperately low on food, and although I probably could have made it to Mammoth on what I had, I was curious to see what this place had to offer.

The ‘ferry’ ride was a small tin boat that only fit a maximum of four hikers at a time. Luckily we were first in line after our mammoth hike right to the lake. Once across the water they stash you in the back of a van on milk crates and drive you to the ‘resort’. It was a cute place but a lot smaller than I had expected, and the best accommodation they had were a few trailers scattered around the property. I was in for the free camping option and tried to scavenge as much food as possible from the hiker bins.



We managed to score a couple of dinners each, and later in the day I even found myself snacking on some miscellaneous trail mix that had been left in there. It’s kind of scary how far your standards of food consumption and cleanliness drop as a thru hiker. We laughed at the fact that there are always zip lock bags of unlabelled white powder and random pills left in these bins/boxes.



The food at the resort was pricey but worth it. I had a giant breakfast burrito, an ice cream sandwich for lunch, and then their BBQ combo for dinner which consisted of beef, pork ribs and an entire chicken! I’m ashamed to say I couldn’t finish my plate, but I picked at it until my body physically hurt and started to sweat from all the meat I had consumed. I gave my leftover chicken to Messenger and then ordered some chocolate ice cream to top it all off. A man at a neighbouring table offered us half a bottle of red wine which we gladly accepted. I think it was the first wine I’ve had on the trip so far, and my taste buds took a while to get used to the flavour again.

UB left on the afternoon ferry to get to Mammoth by Sunday. As all my gear isn’t arriving until Tuesday I opted to stay the night at VVR to save accommodation costs in Mammoth (although Megan, one of the instructors from my wilderness first aid course, has now offered me a place to stay, thank you!!!)

While all of the other hikers slept in the forest surrounding the property, I opted for the beach. Mainly because I could get a tiny bit of phone signal and I wanted to be on my own. I had the best sleep on the whole trail on the beach and woke up to the sun warming me at 6am. Heavenly!


3 thoughts on “Vermillion Valley Resort (VVR)

  1. Hi darling, I don’t know how your stomach can cope with all that food. The changes it has to go through. Though I can understand that you dive into those beautiful meals. Ice cream after and even some red wine how spoiled. It seems that you are doing fine, keep it that way. Love Mutti xxoo

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