Marvellous Mammoth

I’m lying on a big soft bed with a dozen pillows having just gobbled down a chocolate doughnut and a Big Mac meal… Muk Muk must be in town again!! The comfort is well deserved after the ‘mammoth’ effort I had to put in to arrive here before the rain. And boy has it been raining since I arrived. You couldn’t even see the mountains through the grey skies last night and I almost froze just walking outside to do my laundry. For the first time on the trail I timed the weather just right!!

I hit the trail at 5:15am yesterday with hopes to catch the first shuttle into town at 7am from Red’s Meadows. Unfortunately I missed it by about 10 minutes, and during my hour long wait, I tried getting three separate rides including a garbage truck as a last resort. None of these attempts came through so I jumped on the 8am shuttle and was met by Megan from the Wilderness First Aid course I did in San Diego, at the ski lodge. I ran to her with open arms, clumsily tripping over my hiking pole as I did so. It was soooo good to see a none trail face, especially when she was holding a giant cup of coffee for me and had a warm car to jump into just as it started to rain!

Megan took me on a tour of the town and then dropped me at the post office where I bumped into UB and picked up my resupply box and two care packages!! One from trail angel ‘Where’s Chris’ and Jaime, Dana and Candace. It felt like Christmas all over again! Chris had sent me coffee, drink mixes, socks and insoles; and my three Vancouver 2010 colleagues had sent me a host of treats including a clean town T-shirt, chocolate, face mask and bath soak, electrolytes and GU shots! I was absolutely blown away, thank you doesn’t even cut it!!! Unbelievable!



I showered, had coffee and ate McDonalds in that order, then put my feet up and later in the day did my laundry. I stayed at the Motel 6, but when I discovered my gear wouldn’t arrive until Wednesday I asked Megan if she wouldn’t mind if I stayed one night with her to save costs. Coincidently the weather will also clear by Wednesday which eases the itchy feeling in my feet!

Today I began a full day of pampering with a bath in oatmeal soak, coffee and fruit at Megan’s, new gear purchases at the mountaineering store including ends for my hiking poles, and hair removal at Belladonna. Who says you HAVE to be hairy in the wilderness? Oh and just because you’re a thru hiker, it ain’t cool to tell a woman that she has a moustache (Pac Man!), don’t worry, it’s been taken care of thanks to my new best friend in Mammoth Lakes, Donna! πŸ™‚

Before, and after…

I came ‘home’ this afternoon to a big empty house after a shopping expedition at Vons for tortillas and chocolate which took me at least 30 stunned minutes in the biggest supermarket I’ve been in for two months!


It’s so bizarre to be in a house again, with a kitchen full of food and a bathroom full of nice smelling gels and soaps. After my Maccas and doughnut I wasn’t really hungry until I spied some leftover food left on a plate on the kitchen sink. I stared at a half eaten piece of chicken debating whether or not to let it go to waste. I ate it, sorry Megan, I’ve stooped to all sorts of lows during this trip! I also had two pieces of toast with jam… I’ve really missed toast during this trip!



13 thoughts on “Marvellous Mammoth

  1. I’ve been re-reading over your posts, and absolutely LOVE your writing, Muk Muk!! Your honesty, excitement, and joy are infectious, and even though I can’t be there ( 😦 ) I am so excited to follow you on your journey! Lots of hugs, and hope you and the pillows are becoming wonderful friends!!

    P.S. I almost died laughing at the picture of you looking at the half-eaten chicken!!

    • Snowpatch I miss you already girl!! It was so good to meet you lady, I’m still laughing about the comment you made about UB’s pocket rocket! Hope to see you and Snort up the trail again… Please come back for a visit!! Ashland? Lots of love, Muk x

      • Ehehehe… there IS a reason Snort and I are sisters. πŸ˜› But Ashland, oh my lordy that would be amazing!!!! Oh, and if you are somewhere near Tahoe area before next weekend (5th or the 6th?) Mom desperately wants to meet you and UB (wherever the hell he is) and pamper you with all sorts of goodies and hot tubs and delicious things. Their number is 530.272.2581 if you are around the area. Sending lots and lots of hugs, and good luck partying with the mosquitos!!

      • I’d love to meet them but this mule is moving slow and I’m not sure ill make it by then. Gives me something to aim for though!! Mosquitos are driving me CRAZY!!! Lots of love, Muk xx

      • Hey lovely I’ll be arriving in Tahoe tomorrow. Will try to hook up with your folks and give them Snort’s bear can back! Hope you’re amazing! X

  2. You do know that you can get new tips for those hiking poles, right? You don’t have to ware them down to the shaft! By the way, nice feet, maybe you might want to wash your shoes too! πŸ™‚ Great Job Muk Muk, your kicking butt and taking names!

    PS: No mustache, it was just some dirt!

  3. Wow, absolutely amazing site, photos, and videos Muk Muk! I loved tracking Wired during her journey in 2011 and will definitely track you all the way to Canada the rest of the summer. I am going to L Tahoe for 4th of July (I live 3 hrs away) and I just may be able to get some trail magic to you when you cross Sonora Pass…….enjoy Yosemite!

    • Thanks Jimbo, Wired’s blog was definitely an inspiration to me too! I’ve heard so many good things about Yosemite, can’t wait to see it all with my own eyes soon. Hoping to make it to Sth Lake Tahoe in 10-11 days so we’ll see how I go, lots of food to carry!! πŸ™‚

  4. The body and head look to be in the right place after all that delightful self pampering. God knows you deserve it ! So wonderful to have formed such a fabulous coterie of pals and fellow hike nuts. Look for some of our + 13,000 feet adventures this week in French alps on Whatsapp. Climbing has got to be the most extreme thrill. You’ll see what we mean. With you all the way Muk Muk.

  5. Hi darling, such a gluten you are with all that food, I would’ve too. How spoiled you were with all those goodies you received. It must have felt like heaven to pamper yourself. Don’t worry about the moustache, we all have them. You are doing well, enjoy. Love Mutti xxoo

  6. Hi Rozanne,

    What a great treat, motel 6 and all. As my mother always said “waste not, want not” and I’m sure that applies to chicken. Sounds like you have recovered from your illness. Glad to hear it. Loved your recent posts, especially the bare butts, which were quite notable, although the scenery was even more remarkable.


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