13 thoughts on “Live cross from the trail…

  1. Rozanne you’re just the best………thoroughly enjoy tagging along with you on this incredible journey……may God bless you each and every day on the trail………and I along with the others will be looking forward to your next post………..love your accent!………lol

  2. I really love your posts. It’s always exciting for me to read your updates between my work and home duties–it gives me a mini escape 🙂

    I live in Eugene OR, and I see you might be at Shelter Cove around August 17. The weekend prior I plan to meet some other PCT hikers that are planning to be there then. Perhaps I’ll be able to come the weekend you are there as well and bring some treats or something? 🙂

    Just so you know I’ve been following other of your girl power PCT hikers like Carrot (that u have talked about) and Goldylocks and Lotus (the last 2 I have plans of meeting.)

    Best of luck! You are an inspiration!!

    • Wow Heidi thank you!! I’d love to meet the other ladies on the trail too. Carrot is awesome! Would be so good to catch up in August. I hope to stick to my schedule more closely now. Let me know how your schedule looks closer to the time! Thanks again!!! 🙂

  3. Just saying: you are awesome ! The arduous challenge of your venture not ONLY physical but emotional/spiritual is huge, and your frank and honest blog is truly an inspiration to keep real. Wow ! Thanks for this inspiration and we love seeing the constant beauty of PCT, knowing the challenges you are working. Best. Chris

    • Wow Chris thanks for your amazing compliments! The beauty is truly remarkable out here! I look forward to sharing more of it with you!

  4. You go Girl, do your own thing, set your own pace and take it all in. Enjoy, your journey and make it your own! You have a fan club waiting for you in Washington. Brooke, Johnette and Suzi!

  5. Rozanne you are doing AWESOME!!! Your blog is a great education, extremely entertaining, emotional, honest, and real. I commend you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us on your journey. The miles you are putting in amaze me and I look forward each day to see where you are at, what you have discovered, and what is happening. I cannot thank you enough! You are a rockstar, a beacon of light and courage for so many… Keep on the path and keep sharing your experience with all of us!

    Your friend on the journey, Alan

    • I’ve always wanted to be a rock star haha!! Thanks Alan, I can’t wait to follow your blog next year, please tell me you’re going to keep one!!!

      • You are a total ROCK STAR!! I will absolutely have blog for next year!!! I should have it up and started this month… I can only hope to portray the experience as well as you have… 🙂

  6. Hi darling, it is fantastic what you are doing and that we can enjoy it through your blog is great. I admire you for your strength and determination. Keep on hiking, smiling and enjoying yourself. Love mutti xxoo

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