21 thoughts on “A windy and über excited trail update…

  1. Ut oh, the video didn’t post 😦 I want to know what’s uber exciting!!!

      • Maybe UBER will be MukMuk’s PCT word of choice. There was a gal on the trail last year who used “epic” in every blog post 🙂

      • Nope, still can’t see it. I’ll try from my cell and let you know.

      • WordPress seems to be spamming me with advertising on my videos now. Hmmm may have to look at this off trail… 😦

  2. I can see the video on my smartphone (browser: Chrome), but not on my computer (also Chrome). Odd…

    Wide Angle

  3. I’m so GLAD you’re enjoying this section now 🙂 I did Section K last year (my first full section)! Let me know if you find Benson Hut. We looked and looked and looked unsuccessfully. Planned to spend the night and instead had to push on. Ended up having to hike up to the Sugar Bowl Ski tower, then down to the lodge as the trail was covered in icy snow in a deep ravine, much too dangerous for crossing at 11pm. Long story short, we tried camping at the lodge and got booted, but the nice security guard gave us a ride to the Donnor Pass TH! We spent the night there and hiked into “town” the next morning for breakfast and transport.

    We also had a couple of days of pretty bad weather. One day we couldn’t see Lake Tahoe, and we had crazy sleet and rain. We were there at the end of June last year.

  4. I am so intrigued by the talents you have (and need) to be successful at this. While being very fierce, relentless and focused – you are at the same time yielding and adjusting on the fly to all that’s happening around you and your internal state – and ultimately yielding to nature and it’s force (including the brutal trail). While being thoroughly planned and staged and scheduled – at the same time you’re ready to change plan on a moment’s notice. While hiking the mandatory daily distance – stopping to take in the moments of beauty all around. While being alone, suddenly finding companionship by chance. While being in your own fragile state – suddenly cheering on fellow adventurers.

  5. OK that is just odd… Works on Explorer… (nothing ever works right on Explorer) but nothing on Firefox or Chrome for me… 🙂 Great to see you so happy and excited even with the crazy wind!!

  6. I can now see the video – windy! Solar charger “waving” at the viewers from the top of your backpack! . However, WordPress may be a bit wonky right now, because it just auto-filled my name and email with those of someone I have never heard of…

    Can you confirm your next resupply stop after Sierra City, and approx. date of arrival? Is there anything in particular you are craving that is hard for you to get (for example, anything from Trader Joe’s, Costco or Whole Foods?)

  7. Hi darling, so good to see you so happy. The trail leads so high on those mountain ridges and such a small path, but what a great view. So lucky to get this experience and for us to see it on your blog. Success darling, love Mutti xxoo

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