Hwy 80’s magical underpass

WordPress is definitely wigging out today, hopefully this video works…

(PS – I think it’s a bit cheeky that WordPress makes you pay to take adds off the videos when you pay for the function to upload them. That’s my little gripe!)

5 thoughts on “Hwy 80’s magical underpass

  1. Great pleasure in reading and hearing your thoughts and sharing in some small way your experiences! Awesome, Muk Muk!

    PS this video didn’t show up on Safari on my iPad, but did work fine on Explorer on Windows 8. Interesting…

  2. Doesn’t show on my iPad either rozi. I haven’t had any trouble with the others. I have enjoyed reading your blog and have conversations with Kalya, Chris and Cooper about your adventures. You are doing well despite the difficulties. Cred to you Muk Muk

  3. Hi darling, I did think also back on that underpass you did in the dark seeing this video. How beautiful are those trail angels to put all those goodies there. Luckily you went through it in de day. Enjoy your hike, every day will bring something different. Love you, Mutti xxoo

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