Birthday candles and fortune cookies

These were two of the most unexpected items I found in the hiker box at Donner Pass today. Unfortunately the box of fortune cookies was empty and at present I don’t have a use for the candles. The best surprise at the pass after hearing the lodge nearby was actually closed, was meeting Dave the trail angel who coincidently has read my blog through UB’s.

Today was a random one indeed. I woke early but broke camp later than the boys because once again I was ‘blogging’ (cell signal = less miles hiked). When I did hit the trail though it was like a lightning bolt, I had so much energy from breakfast and coffee that I flew through the first 5 miles and caught up to Leaky and Moonshine sitting at the top of a ridge overlooking the valley.


Once again the trail and the scenery were magnificent. We crossed some amazing ridges where the wind was a little pushy, but after Tehachapi this felt like a slight breeze.


I pretty much had signal the entire morning, but because of the issues I was having with posting videos, I wasn’t making much ground. I’m not sure if it’s a WordPress thing or not, but hopefully the viewing problems were isolated to today. Thanks for your feedback as it helped me try and rectify the issue by reposting it three different times until it finally worked.


On a complete side note I’m writing this from my sleeping bag where one die hard mosquito has been dive bombing my face for the last half hour and a deer just stumbled upon my bed, realised I was alive and darted off into the bushes.

Being so close to major roads and trailheads today I met some amazing day hikers along the way. Most notably were three wonderful women named Marilyn, Karen and Shirley (I’m terrible with names ladies so please correct me if I’m wrong). We got chatting about the trail, the book Wild and the mosquitos in Yosemite. When I told them I didn’t have a long sleeved shirt to keep the mosquitos from biting my arms, Karen dug into her bag and whipped out a beautiful bright blue shirt which she insisted I take. It fit and felt perfect, and the colour matches the blue from Muk Muk’s beenie, it was meant to be. The three ladies were enjoying a girls only trip in the woods, hiking, kayaking and eating good food. They told me they were desperately missing their husbands though (wink wink). Such amazing women, thank you so much for your gift and encouragement!

Despite all the chit chat down the trail I did bump into Leaky and Moonshine again sitting on a huge rock on the side of the trail, but by the time I made it to Hwy 40 I heard from Fuller they had hitched into Truckee. It will be interesting to see if our paths cross again. The trail is amazing in that way, you can be two hours ahead or behind someone and not see them for weeks, or you can bump into people on numerous occasions in a single day. The trail seems to determine this fate.

When I bumped into trail angel Dave he pulled out a chair for me to sit on and offered me a beer. We talked about the events of the trail, UB’s new venture south bound and hiking in general. During our conversation a car pulled up to drop off Ninja Tank (JT) back to the trail from Truckee. He’d been there a while waiting for new shoes to arrive. Then Fuller popped up out of nowhere so we all chilled drinking beer and soda and eating bagels and cream cheese left by trail angels.

After leaving the comfort of Donna Pass I started to experience something I term PTB (Post trail-magic blues). I’d been on such an incredible high all day that I started to crash a little. This was of course until I went through the Hwy 80 underpass and discovered more trail magic in coolers on the other side. Another soda and a choc chip muffin was all I needed to get me going again.

Not far up the trail I was heading to the I-80 rest stop when I bumped into Fuller again. We had another great chat about the mysteries of the trail and it’s healing powers. He told me he has learned not to fight the trail, to let it crush you when it chooses and to let it lift you when you’re down. He’s absolutely right, ride the highs and overcome the lows.

So here I am at the Peter Grubb Hut (aka Blair Witch film set). I’m very low on water as the source is a mucky little stream close by. I didn’t have enough water to cook dinner so I ate two tortillas with Nutella which will hopefully hold me until tomorrow morning. Halfmile says I’m 6 miles from the next source so it’s going to be a thirsty morning. I plan to be up early so I should make it before the sun creates too much heat tomorrow. I’m camped in eyesight of the hut and heard the creek of the toilet door a couple of times as the sun went down. I’m curious to know if anyone’s actually sleeping inside!



8 thoughts on “Birthday candles and fortune cookies

  1. Love me some Nutella! Had it last weekend on pancakes with sirup! Was with the boy out bike camping over the holidays. 🙂

  2. Hi Muk Muk! That was great running into you at Donner Pass yesterday. It’s been fun following your blog, and then actually meeting you sure was a bonus! You’re even funnier and more energetic in person than in the videos on your blog! How is that even possible?!?

    Have an awesome hike, and please keep your updates coming! Oh, and I’m really glad that the “Ghosts from Peter Grubb Hut” didn’t get you. That would ruin your day!

    Reno Dave

    • Hey Dave you made my day yesterday! I was really sad after I left the magic of Donner Pass! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to look after us stinky hikers! Much appreciated 🙂

    • Hi Mumma Leaky!! Your son is such a sweetheart! I’m going to miss those guys, hope I bump into them again soon!

  3. Hi Rozi,

    Love your stories and the scenery! I hadn’t been viewing any videos up till now because of reading your blog on my phone. I really enjoyed the one on the hwy 80 underpass. For a minute there I was convinced the trail magic consisted of the light at the end of the tunnel, haha. Just kidding. It’s probably hard not to start expecting magic to happen at surtain points along the trail too much though. Those angels really keep you going sometimes I suppose. Bless them all on my behalf, And bless you of course. Keep up the good work. Hope your feet ‘ll be better soon.

    Love Minouk

  4. Who’d have guessed that this hike would be such a social experience. You’ve met such wonderful people. I can’t imagine how hard this would be if you were all alone! Keep those posts coming–they are great fun.


  5. Hi darling, still catching up with some of your old blogs which I couldn’t read when we were traveling. Determined to reply to all your blogs. The nature around you is beautiful and the photos fantastic. Lovely to hear that you meet all those lovely people. Have fun darling, love Mutti xxoo

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