11 thoughts on “Blair Witch meets PCT – starring Muk Muk

  1. That’s a sierra club hut…$15/night I think, not haunted lol. Also check out Paradise Lake 1/2 mile to east after North Creek bridge, good for water refill and/or campsite.

  2. I just read it’s closed for repairs, but hikers can use it in an emergency.

  3. BTW, if I remember correctly you access it by climbing the ladder.

  4. It’s called the Peter Grubb Hut, and per their website “The Peter Grubb Hut is in need of urgent repairs and, for the safety of all users, the hut will be closed until further notice. The Sierra Club is currently in the process of evaluating the condition of the hut and the extent of the required repairs.” http://www.sierraclub.org/outings/lodges/huts/grubb.aspx

  5. LMAO! To bad you did not come up on it right at night fall, now that would have been CREEPY! I bet it is really nice in the winter, wood stove and all. Keep Hiking!

  6. Hi darling, that looked like a real cute house but had something creepy about it, special the chopping block, did think about axe also. Good that you didn’t come across it at night as wolfman says that would be creepy. Brave to check it out. Nice toilet though. Love Mutti xxoo

  7. Hi Muk Muk! I starting following you ever since the mountain lion extravaganza, and now I am going back and following you from the beginning. This video of Peter Grubb Hut is hilarious! I live close, in Truckee, and frequent the hut in the winter (its awesome during a snowfall!), but I agree that its freaky in the summer!! Keep on inspiring!

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