Swinging on the trail mood trapeze

In the 10 miles I hiked before 10am this morning, I experienced the full spectrum of emotions. Here is a small taste…

From irrational anger:

To inspiration from this song which you must listen to before viewing the next video. Those who experienced the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics will understand why I cried tears of joy listening to it, but I think anyone can appreciate the beauty of this tune.


This song now has so many new meanings for me out on the trail.

Transformation to pure happiness and tears of joy:

What a roller coaster!

9 thoughts on “Swinging on the trail mood trapeze

  1. Hi Rosy,
    That is a great song and a great motivator for your journey, You are doing GREAT and when you believe, well, you can do just about anything. Keep your chin up, keep smiling and enjoy your time in the great outdoors. Just think of all those people working in offices and caught up in the everyday grind and then find a nice spot on your trail and take in all the wonderful sights before you and be happy!!!! Cheers!

    • Thanks Don, I was able l sit high up on some rocks I climbed and look out over the valley while I uploaded that last post. Just magical!

  2. Passion is a rare and special gift, even more so to have the confidence to share. YOU are amazing!

  3. Hi darling, such a great song and the video with it. It shows the human strength and power, no wonder that you’re over come with emotions. You didn’t know my darling but YOU have this strength and power too, you are amazing on this trail, I am so proud of you. Love Mutti xxoo

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