Hop, skip, jump into Sierra City

In Yogi’s guide, one of the biggest regrets from thru hikers was not taking more zero days on trail, so being so close to Sierra City, I allowed myself a slow morning.

The more time I spend on my own, the crazier I seem to become. I’m now so comfortable with talking to myself out loud that I don’t even look around anymore to check if anybody’s in hearing distance. I also feel that if I have the video running I’m not really talking to myself, right?

Just before I actually hit the trail I heard the click of hiking poles coming down the switchbacks and peered out my tent to see Werewolf and Marijke and their dog ‘What’s up dog’ coming along. I hadn’t seen them since I was hiking Sobo to rescue UB when he hurt his knee near Lone Pine! This trail sometimes feels like being in high school, followed by weekly high school reunions with people you haven’t seen in over a month, all whilst hiking through the wilderness. Totally bizarre!

I was buzzing along with so many happy thoughts in my head for the first three miles until I bumped into three people taking a short day hike. This encounter put me on an even greater high after their amazement of the hike, the fact I am doing it solo, and their eagerness to check out the blog! They were having a huge family reunion in Sierra City with 60 relatives coming together. Insane!


The five miles to the trail head felt longer than expected, probably because I was thinking about all the good things a town provides: food, rest (well some), shower, laundry, more food! I also didn’t factor in the additional miles to get to town from Highway 49 which I figured would be an easy hitch… ’twas not so.

I waved at every car that drove past and got such a good response I knew even before I arrived in Sierra City that it would be a welcoming place.


Are we in Canada already?


My first stop was the Red Moose which is run by trail angels Bill and Margaret, who offer free camping to thru hikers in their backyard! They usually offer showers too but because their two rooms were already rented, Margaret told me the river was a great alternative. With the amount of filth I’d built up over the last 100 miles I knew this option wasn’t going to fly, so I headed into town looking like true blue ‘hiker trash’.


I hit the general store, put on a load of washing and used the store’s phone to call UB as there’s NO AT&T reception in town! Crazy! I heard the post office actually closes at 2pm so I raced there at 1:45pm to grab my packages. I had my resupply box and two packages from Dirty Girl! When they handed over my resupply box they told me it was the first one they received back in April, and couldn’t believe it arrived so early. It had become part of the PO furniture!


As I was still getting about town in my filth, when I bumped into one of the three people I met on the trail this morning, part of their family offered me a shower in their cottage close by! Brad took me over to where they were staying and I met his wife Debbie, his daughter and another couple who all listened to me babble about trail stories until they found me a clean towel.


It felt so good to be clean again! At this point I was soooo hungry and was on a mission to find food, but I bumped into Carrot back at the Red Moose so we chatted and laughed at the random goodies Dirty Girl had sent to me including a fly swatter, bug gummy candy, and barbie tissue packets! She also sent me some life saving items including new insoles, knee braces and coffee!!!!



THEN, I went to get a gut buster burger from the general store while Fuller finalised his calculations of the PCT puzzle. We were honestly in fits of giggles at the comments you guys left on that post! Unbelievable!


With so much excitement going on in town I was literally exhausted by 7pm but still had to sort through my food for the next seven days and reorder my pack! I also had a huge list of ‘to do’s’ including responding to emails, charging iPod, Steri Pen, and camera, ordering new shoes and a few other bits and pieces I ran out of time to do.


SOOO, this morning I picked up where I left off! I won’t be making 25 miles today, but I will be hitting the trail shortly. I just had to ensure I was adequately fuelled up on pancakes and coffee before I left town!


13 thoughts on “Hop, skip, jump into Sierra City

  1. So great to get back to the blogs again now we are onshore again. Quite a task given the frequency and content. Take care the blogs don’t kill the trail time. But getting the impression that communication is the answer to staying sane as a thru hiker going solo for most of the time. You are crafting an irresistible story that I think many can not put down. If the energy generated by your followers can flow to your mind and body – you will have wings to fly. The rules you set some blogs back and related to a down guy were profound and so spot on. Please hold them close. Love you, with you L1 (Muk Muk). Istanbul tomorrow.

  2. Rozanne – could you help – I have had a package posted for Jon to Little Haven in Belden, he is leaving sierra City and he may not have a signal now – could you relay the message to him if you see him. It will arrive Wednesday Many thanks Roz

  3. MukMuk, it is easier to clean the tent if you leave the ‘foldable stick’ in the yellow sleeve. You can still get inside and at least you see the dirty corners… 😉 Cheers, Anne

  4. just an observation: I love reading your blog! great pics also! although, It may not be an ace thing to post pics with your mates’ real names for all the world to see since some folks like to be a trail-name-only bushwalker…

    • Fair comment bush walker, will keep that in mind for future pics postings!
      Glad you’re enjoying the adventure! Muk

  5. I have been reading after you all made it to the Sierras. I love your pics and videos. I hope you and UB will be great friends after the hike. Perhaps he can go to Oz and do a thru down there with you. Also wanted to say how I love your smile and love of life and the challenges it brings to you on the trail. I have been going through some issues and I can relate the trail to life with it’s up and downs. We all have to get through them and keep walking figuativlely and literally. Since UB left, your energy and positive nature is great and I can “feel” your excitement through your writing and pics. Your doing a great job. Enjoy your goodies and being clean for a few days(hours?). I look forward to each of your posts. Happy hiking and best wishes, Ellen

    • Thanks for your kind words and motivation Ellen! I’m hoping some of my positive energy can seep through cyber land into the real world! Muk 🙂

  6. Rozanne,

    Found this poem online, author unknown. I added some more to it!

    There once were four people interested in hiking the PCT named Everybody,
    Somebody, Anybody and Nobody.
    An incredible adventure was to be had, and Everybody was
    sure that Somebody would take it.
    Anybody could have gone, but Nobody walked it.
    Somebody got angry about that,
    because it was Everybody’s journey.
    Everybody thought Anybody could travel it
    And that Somebody would attempt it.
    But Nobody realized that Everybody thought
    Somebody would hike it.
    It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody
    when Nobody lived what Anybody could have only dreamed.

    Where Muk & UB meet is Anybody’s guess, and Somebody should have figured that out. But Nobody thought ahead and Everybody knows that!

    No math, no fuss!

    Thanks for your entertaining blog!


    • That poem is genius! And I love that you linked it to the PCT puzzle, endless entertainment! Thanks Tim for making me chuckle as the sun sets over the valley in my little sleeping bag out in the middle of somewhere! 🙂

    • The Ellen comment was out of order, unnecessary and inaccurate. Muk expects the highs and lows and is her own person. Fellow hikers are important but only part of the reason and challenge of the trail.

  7. Hi darling, in Istanbul now and having some coverage again. Gosh have to catch up with a lot of your blogs. Your video of cleaning house is hilarious. I wish that I could do that with our apartment, a ruffle and shake upside down and all is clean. You are lucky to meet some lovely people. PCT puzzle is done, I still need to see that blog with the question, always like a math challenge. You are doing great and I am very proud of you. Love you darling, love Mutti xxoo

  8. Hello Rozanne! My name is Kathleen and I am one of the three people you mentioned that you met on the trail near Sierra City…. one of the crazy group of 60 people having a family reunion up there! Brad is my cousin and Anna (who was hiking with my husband & I when we met you) is Brad’s mother. Anyway, I have a couple of pictures of you that I’d love to share with you if you want to leave me your email address. I enjoyed meeting you and look forward to reading more about your travels. Best wishes, K

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