The answers you’ve been waiting for…

View the video for Fuller’s mathematical assessment of your responses to the PCT Puzzle:

And here’s how he came to this conclusion…



Keep your bets on the future meeting place coming in… Although my current itinerary is spot on for my arrival in Sierra City, I’m not sure even Chris with his fancy graphs can predict actual trail future!

9 thoughts on “The answers you’ve been waiting for…

  1. Close but not quite right! Of course my answer is the correct one. :p I still think it will be Aug 11 at Creator Lake. By the way, take a look at UB’s blog and see what he gets to start in! Hope he likes skiing!!

    Looking Good Muk Muk Keep it up!

    My Blog is Linked, not that there is much there. 🙂

  2. Erratum:
    The headwaters of the N Umpqua R is Maidu Lk, not Thielsen Cr. Math and other info is ok.
    (I got nervous in front of the large audience!)

  3. Loved the cameo from Fuller! And, I still think it will actually be Crater Lake. Why? Because … everyone pulls out the stops and does extra miles when they go through Oregon, so I think UB will do a few 35+ days.

    This is going to be fun!

  4. Toooo Funny!!! Love You Guys and Cant Wait to See How It All Works Out! Muk your amazing and Fuller I am so happy and inspired. Stay Strong! I’m headed your way 🙂
    Much Love!

  5. Hi darling, just finished our boat trip in Turkey and hear about this PCT puzzle, would have loved to have done it , Love mathematics. Outcome is there now, but it was a great way to spark up every body’s brain. You are doing great darling, love you heaps , mutti xxoo

  6. HI Rozanne,

    Loved the video. My math skills (or lack thereof) prevented me from joining the fun calculations. Can’t wait to see what the real answer is. Happy hiking.


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