25 thoughts on “Insights into thru hiking – Part 1

  1. Your Blog has become your friend. Keeps you socially in contact with the rest of the world. I enjoy reading and viewing and get worried when a day goes by and no message.

  2. You’re gonna be famous. Really think you should write a book. However, and not to be critical of your technique, cause I don’t carry a knife either, but why not just bite the tortilla, then the cheese and do the mixing in the mouth? You can’t imagine how fun it is to read your blog and watch the vids. Thanks for keeping it up, I know it is time consuming.

  3. Hi darling, you are priceless. This made me think about the video you made when we were in Hong Kong, of the preparing of the Chinese chicken dish with your great accent. They haven’t seen anything yet. Lovely to see you in great spirit. Love you darling, Mutti xxoo

  4. OMG, that was hilarious! At first, I didn’t understand why you kept looking for other people on the trail. I thought, ‘Why is she nervous about making a sandwich?’. Now I understand. 🙂

  5. Rozanne,

    I use to make pizza this way at Pizza Hut! Just kidding, you’re making it harder to not tune into your blog regularly!


  6. Aloha! I am part of a hiking group in Washington state. My fellow hiker, Brookester59 is the trail angel who picked up UB in WA state and delivered him to his trail destination. PLEASE know we are a group who would love to support you in WA state. Let us know what you need, and we’ll provide it. If you need anything sent to your PO, please let us know…..it’ll be there. We hike Chinook Pass on a regular basis and are happy to support you in any way we can. ANY WAY. Rides, food, clothing, shoes. Whatever you need, we’re here to help you. Did I mention I’m a massage therapist? We love being trail angels.
    Please let us do what we love to do.

  7. OK so clearly I am a bit behind but… Laughing out loud with your cheese cutting skills! Always love your videos as I have no idea what I will get! Thank you for giving me a laugh out loud first thing in the morning! Spam… Ug…

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