4 thoughts on “Insights into thru hiking – Pack explosions

  1. Thanks for sharing; no, really! “Nuts & bolts” Info from the trail is always appreciated. I use the Baggie compartment method, too. Any guess on your base wt these days? Just saw UBs post. Wonder how his sleep/shelter system is working. Keep on truckin’. Murphy’s Law is in high gear out there.

  2. HI Rozanne,

    Sounds like what I have to do whenever I need to find anything in my purse. Very frustrating. Keep smiling.


  3. Hi darling, yeh, your backpack is your little house, the things which are missing in it are cupboards and draws which hold your things and stay put. Your backpack house gets emptied and held upside down every day so it gets totally scrambled up.”Where is my this, where is my that?!!!!” Keep your “house” organized, success. Love you, Mutti xxoo

  4. Great Vid Muk Muk, so very informative! Only thing I can say…. ORGANIZATION SKILLS!!

    You are so funny, we all love it keep it up!

    PS: off the trail to let the feet heal, blisters suck! 🙂

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