19 thoughts on “Half way home!

  1. You are most definitely not alone at the halfway point! All of us who follow you are right there with you. Just as we’ll be with you when you cross into Canada!

  2. Roooozy!!! Its FANTASTIC to see your happy smiling face again!!! What a relief… that mountain lion was just too much, I honestly didn’t sleep after seeing those tears…. Nice to see you’ve bounced back in true Rozy style! No matter where you go from here it will always be closer to the end than the start!!! CONGRATS ON THIS AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENT!! you’re a star! biggest hugs ever my darling girl!!! go muk muk go!!! c. xox

  3. Hi Rosy, Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! Great journey so far and thanks to your night prowlers it has added another element of what next huh? Glad to hear you were not food for the lions, they must have sensed you were not going to let them take you easily. Keep smiling and be safe. I’ll toast to your half way marker and send you along a BIG virtual hug! Cheers

  4. You rule! Loved sharing this moment with you 🙂
    You’ve passed halfway! amazing. Kinda like a ball tossed into the sky – the other night was the brief moment of suspension when both momentum and gravity let you go completely, now with every step you take gravity will get stronger and pull you closer and closer to home.
    Hugs and spinnies!!

  5. Congratulations! You are doing such a fantastic job, and not alone at all! I am so impressed by your positive attitude despite being alone for sooo much of the time. Thanks for sharing your special moment!

  6. Congratulations! Way to hang in there despite those scary lions. I’m so glad you are continuing on your journey and are over half way now!

  7. You are amazing!!!! Congratulations Muk Muk!!! And you were not alone! We were all sharing the moment with you – stay strong and stay safe!!! You are inspiring all of us!!!!!! 🙂

  8. I am amazed at how great you look, after all that you have been through, how do you do it?
    You’ve hiked over 1325 miles. What is it, can you bottle it?
    Roar with conviction, roar with power, roar with laughter.
    I would like a picture of you Roaring in your new shoes, please.

  9. Happy Half Way!! I just watched your video with Maia, it gave me goosebumps to think of you there, and then Maia said she liked the mountain lion video better… (I guess she’s going like horror films when she gets older, unlike her mama) and then she asked for shreddies with chicken for dinner – just to put things in perspective of how 3 yr olds think. Congratulations!!! And keep on walking north, we are waiting for you!!

  10. Hi darling, congratulations on your half way mark. I would love to hug and cuddle you and tell you how proud I am. How I would have loved to be there with you to experience all what you have but you gave us a kind of feeling of the trail so far through your blog, so grateful for that darling. I wish you everything what there is to wish lots of strength, health, success and fun with your true hikers. Love you heaps, mutti xxoo

  11. A somewhat less famous Aussie once said “ya call that a knife?”. In all seriousness, I was stressed out just watching the videos so I can’t even imagine what it might’ve been like being in your Frocks! Glad it all worked out.

  12. I know I know a few days late but I was off on another adventure during your big moment but…… YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Great job Muk Muk!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!! Sooooooo freakin cool!!! Keep it up girl! (this is me jumping up and down giving you a big hug) 🙂

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