15 thoughts on “California, California, hey-ey-ey… goodbye!

  1. Congratulations again Rosy, you are doing GREAT!!! Welcome Oregon good bye California. Hopefully your 3 days of rest in Ashland will get your body some much needed rest and it will be all downhill to the Canadian border. Keep smiling! Cheers

  2. I was so happy to see and hear you laughing and smiling through the cowbells! That was certainly somewhat surreal. Glad you made it to town and are getting some needed R&R. Hope you get pack situation straightened out ASAP!

  3. Enjoy your rest, I’ve always heard that the trail through Oregon is pretty easy compared to Cali. You are amazing! You are my hero, congratulate yourself on your pretty freaking awesome accomplishments!

  4. Wow Roxanne, seems the roller-coaster continues, and your so good at dealing with it, even if it seems that your “losing it” at times. We all appreciate your transparency, allowing us to experience some of these emotions along your journey.
    Ashland should be a place of rest, recuperation & revitalization.
    Scott 2

  5. Thanks for sharing all your emotions! (i am an emoter too) I think it is so much healthier to let it all out! Enjoy your rest in Ashland…it is a great town!!! Hope you can find some relief for your back/hip/
    nerve condition… new weight distribution system? I’m praying for you!

  6. HI Rozanne,

    Wow! Congrats on mastering California. Now that you have done that, everything else should be easy (hopefully). Rest well for your new start.


  7. You had me rolling with laughter over the discovery of cow bells, especially knowing you probably enjoyed some “wind chimes” through the Marble Mountain Wilderness also. I’ll never think of either wind chimes nor cow bells in quite the same way ever again. I love your laughter and genuine giddiness! I really hope you get your pain resolved so you can have way more joyful and happy days ahead. Pain SUCKS!

  8. Wow, what a rollercoaster video! Congratulations on saying goodbye to California. I was there myself this past week, but a bit further south. Keep on truckin! 🙂

  9. Great highs and lows in that video. Relieved it wasn’t 10 minutes of tears and that the bells in the bush weren’t hallucinations !! So wonderful to talk to you again (in Ashland) and Fuller was on hand to help with diagnosis – not that in itself it was a cure but at least you know what you are dealing with and with some rest and rearrangement you can deal with it. You’ve really pushed your body and mind to the max so enjoy the R&R and come back strong. The detour to attend your friends wedding should work well for you if you can arrange it. Gooo Muk Muk, you’re a hero.

  10. Welcome to Oregon!! You made it through California–that is an AMAZING accomplishment!!! I’m so happy you are going to take three days for R&R in Ashland. It’s a great little town. I really hope your body will be able to heal in that time. Pain, pain, GO AWAY!! I hope I’ll be able to meet you at Shelter Cove in the future, it’s not far from Eugene where I live 🙂

  11. Hi darling, amazing to see you go through so many emotions, heart breaking ones and happy ones. It made me feel good when I saw you climb up again out of the darkness into the sunlight. Your mind so strong and willing. Your body will be happy to have a break in Ashland and hopefully the pain will cease. How wonderful skype is, so lovely to speak and see you. Wonderful to hear those cow bells and exciting to meet your welcome committee over the border into Oregon. Rest and enjoy your free days in Ashland and have a great and refreshing start again. So proud of you darling, success with the hike. Love, Mutti xxoo

  12. Congratulations on reaching Oregon! Yay yay yay!
    I suppose in the last picture you are reaching the road to Ashland? I hope you get a definite diagnosis (or perhaps you already have one) and can take the right steps to make sure you can continue your hike without being in pain!
    Glad to hear you have three full days for resting, hope you have a great time!
    And thanks for sharing your pain, but also your glee about the cowbells with us – you should come to the Alps some day!

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