Pushing past 1800


The final two days heading into Crater Lake Mazama Village were as high and low as the previous two. I just watched the videos I took and felt like I was riding a roller coaster once again. This has been a mentally challenging section for me. There are moments when I can’t bare the thought of walking another mile, and it takes all of my willpower to propel me forward. Other moments I’m cruising on auto pilot, but these don’t last long. There’s been no float walking in Oregon for me thus far. The videos below will take you on part of the 55 mile journey I just completed, pushing me past the 1800 mile mark.

After lunch slump: Down

End of a 30 mile day: Up

The next morning: Down

Lunchtime!: Up again

Coming into Mazama Village: Down once more

5 thoughts on “Pushing past 1800

  1. OMG! That’s a lot of horrendous! I wouldn’t be surprised if that word became a meaningless bunch of random sounds after that. I am impressed that you were able to spew all of those town stops from memory though.

    Sorry about the Perseids letdown. At least you got one!

    I’m very happy to NOT hear about any lingering or new nerve pain. Hope you’ve left that all behind.

  2. why do you class all these towns as Horrendous , The people, the resupply
    not what your thought ?
    But great to hear your still stomping on x

    • Not the towns, the trail heading into them!! 🙂 I love all the places I’ve visited… Although Tehachapi was a bit of a struggle I’ll admit!

  3. Hi darling, fantastic passing the 1800 mile, congratulations. Your whole experience of doing the trail is a kind of a roller coaster. I am proud of you because somehow you seem to climb out of the down parts back into a bright spirited girl. Take it day by day and enjoy the hike. Love you, mutti xxoo

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