33 thoughts on “California dreaming

  1. Great video Muk Muk! I’ll be hitting my PCT SoBo section hike on Thurs from Mckenzie Pass to Odell Lake/Shelter Cove. Sounds like you might be in the neighborhood? Great blog! Love the “real” aspect of it. Maybe see you on the trail!

  2. Fantastic I may one day switch on the television and there you will be – this makes me want to getup and go and it is only 06.15 here in the UK!! Jon past Crater lake now – looked amazing Roz

  3. Awesome job is right! I have not idea how you put this together from your phone. Hopefully most of your work from previous day came back as dang selecting clips from videos and stills is time consuming. Great memories and motivation to keep you going through Oregon and onto Washington.

  4. I’ve traded a couple of emails with Rand, through whom I discovered your blog, and I agree with what he’s said. You’re a “rock star!” Great video, and really great memories. I really enjoyed it. (Nothing interesting from Denny. Good luck with the water sources and misquotes on this leg.)

  5. Nice tribute to the state of California, Muk Muk! Look forward to the tributes to Oregon and Washington coming up very soon. Thanks for your inspiring posts and take care of that hip pain.

  6. Loved the Video, sounds like it was a lot of work to create, kinda like your journey on the PCT lots of work. a lots of setbacks , but great rewards!!! It made me want to get out and hike. We, the Tahoe Tramper ladies just finished our 8 day 14,000 Vert Sonora Pass PCT section, when we got tired we just thought of you and kept on trecking!!! Have a great trip
    through Oregon. Looking forward to the posts of your progress.
    Ann & the Ladies

  7. Keep smiling 🙂 you are doing what few dream of ….. Awesome adventure 🙂
    From your Olympic Torch friends x

  8. You are an awesome woman and I can only hope I get to live what you’ve experienced. Thanks for sharing with us. Amazing stuff you’ve lived thru in the last 4 months.!

  9. waiting patiently for the video of when you and UB connected again…the pics are awesome!!! we’re visiting Abby (snort) next weekend in VVR – you are one strong women inside and out! snort’s parents and sister, Hannah

  10. Your strength, determination and pure guts never cease to amaze me Rosie. A true inspiration. Thinking about you often back here. So goddamn proud! Hammer xx

    • Hey Hammer!!! You were there for the birth of the blog and the whole prep for this trip! Have been thinking of you rocking out with CA! Hope it’s going great! Can’t wait to catch up with you and Rowie again back in Melbs xxx

  11. Hi darling, what a great capture of fabulous memories, of feelings, of emotions, of fear, of happiness and much more. So proud of you that you did that all, how amazing. Enjoy the rest of the trail, you are doing a brilliant job. Love Mutti xxoo

  12. Thanks for the way you put your adventure together for us….I followed you on your entire PCT journey….I was right there with you….You are soooo brave…..Now I am following you in Spain on the Camino… I must say that your telling of your story is like reading a great book, but much better for all the videos and pictures….love to you from California Barbie.

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