It’s a tough life in paradise

My stomach is bloated and I’m feeling a little woozy… could it have been the two waffles and bacon I had for breakfast, the freshly ground Peet’s coffee, the pound steak with cilantro butter or perhaps the homemade apple pie with ice cream and caramel sauce I devoured last night?

The first image below is a video (I’ve been told sometimes my videos show up as regular pictures).






11 thoughts on “It’s a tough life in paradise

  1. OMG, OMG, OMG! Well, for sure you deserve the splurge and definitely enjoyed your “luxuries” more than the average person. Know you will do fine when you return to the trail, because you ar a strong and dedicated person. Keep going strong. Remain safe and well. Cheers.

  2. Wow … Food coma on steroids, and hot tubs. Maybe you should get some “no recall” therapy before manana. Just cruised thru Castle Crag on I5 southbound. Looks inviting, except for the 2 mile/2k climb. So where “off the trail” would y’all B? And at what mm are you getting back on. Assume UB will turn on his Spot then. Hope good health and vibes stay with you.

  3. When the video first started I slouched immediately thinking ‘What Dr. Seuss poem could I possibly type out now?’ then started laughing with joy for you! What a treat, and truly deserved. Thinking of you today on the trail, we shared your stories and talked about you for inspiration all weekend in the Trinity Alps. Hope you jump right back into your beautiful experience on the trail without a stone in your pathway!

  4. Hi darling, a wonder that you didn’t need a stomach pump. What wonderful people are Chris and Charles, to spoil you so, whilst resting at their place. Back to Trail Life again where you can enjoy the wilderness and the beauty of nature. I wish you success, strength and health, enjoy darling, love, Mutti xxoo

  5. You know what, I had my suspicions about Chris and Charles from the very start. I think they’re trying to secretly adopt you! Be careful. If they buy you a puppy, then you’ll know for sure. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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