A record day into Timberline

I’m lying in a dorm room at Timberline Lodge after completing my longest day on trail (34 miles), to arrive here by 8:30pm. My whole body is aching and if it wasn’t for the two ibuprofens I took before the final 6 mile ascent I think my body would have forced me to stop. Darkness and the pending storm kept me going, along with a handful of Fritos and about a bajillion cookies.



My day started at 7am, but the terrain up until Little Crater Lake was relatively flat bar the first two miles. The lake did live up to its name, it was very small and incredibly blue like its big brother.


I had lunch at the lake with Cookie Monster, Rubbadub and Steamer who was diligently studying his PCT map to ensure we were on track…


After lunch it was all business. I’d done 14 miles but still had 20 to go. My mind was trying to convince my aching body to keep going, so that’s just what I did…

Then the rain set in…

The last mile was agonising in the dark, but it was too misty for a headlamp…

Needless to say I made it in safely and am so thankful I have a roof over my head as the weather outside is HORRENDOUS!!

14 thoughts on “A record day into Timberline

  1. Yay you’re safe and out of the rain!! Cried tears of joy watching UB’s video about expressing how he felt for you, as if you’re an old friend. What a gift you’ve given us with this blog, right foot left foot, you’re almost there!

  2. MM,,, wonderful to read that you’re back on trail and pushing onward to your goal. I picked up your blog last week for the first time,, UB’s too,,, and have now caught up completely with both of your stories. What an amazing and inspiring journey. I am so impressed with your tenacity and courage. Truly amazing!! I’ll be following you, (at least on line), to the end of the trail. Keep hiking!!!

  3. Are you picking your SPOT back up when you get to Cascade Locks? All of us vicarious “wish we were there’s” want to follow along. When my feet hurt from metatarsalgia (real thing=inflamed metatarsals), my old track coach made us listen to our footfalls. The quieter that our footsteps were, the less impact that our feet were producing. It’s also sort of a fun mental distraction for the boring bits. Take care and stay positive.

    • Ahhh good advice! I’m a stomper by nature so maybe I need to quieten my steps! Yes will be picking up my beloved SPOT in Cascade Locks and may check in more frequently than before so people know where I’m at.

  4. Very glad you made it to Timberline all same and sound, I have heard horror stories about the climb up to the lodge, and you did it in the dark! You Crazy Girl!! Way to go. Very soon you’ll be grossing the the bridge into the great state of Washington! I don’t think you’ll like the first section of trail, it only a little climb though, something about 6000′ up. 😦

    Keep Hiking!

  5. Congrats on making it to Timberline in the dark. That last video seeing your dark silhouette on a dark gray sky was really really bitchin’ lookin’. My spelling “silhouette” correctly is also really bitchin’.

    I’m glad you got a room. My friend Denny didn’t because a wedding party had everything booked. He’s now at mile 2203, White Pass. No new news to share from the “Denny front.”

    • I’m not exactly sure what your definition of bitchin’ is but it made me laugh none the less! Hope Denny is doing good, no news is good news right?!

      • Yup, right, no news is good news! He is taking a couple of zero days too, waiting out rainy days at the Village Inn at White Pass.


        adjective informal
        “a bitching new album”

        “it’s bitchin’ hot, ain’t it?”

        “It’s bitchin’ hot.” That Google example even made me laugh. In order to test your new-found knowledge, please use bitchin’ in your next post. Extra credit if you also use “rad” and “gnarly”. 🙂 I’ll give you a little help:

        I had to cross this gnarly Russell Creek but then I was lucky to catch a glimpse of Mt Jefferson. It was rad.

        Hey, wait a minute! You’ve strolled 1723 miles through California and didn’t pick up on one of our great cultures, surfer dudes and chicks? And don’t give me that “Oh, I was in the mountains the whole time” excuse. Look’s like you’re going to have to repeat our state. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Hi darling, 34 miles, such an achievement and that through a dark and stormy night. Those cookies and Fritos came in handy. A pity that you didn’t have time to have a jump in that beautiful blue lake, it looks amazing. Have a lovely rest in Timberline. Love Mutti xx

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