More of Muk’s trail babble

After 29 miles today I didn’t quite have the energy to write a full post; but I pretty much summed things up in the video below…

I’ll also let the pictures tell the story…

According to the Guthook’s app I did about 5 miles upside down:








4 thoughts on “More of Muk’s trail babble

  1. Hi darling, that 29 miles is a great achievement, fantastic, well done. Not sure about the Guthook’s app. It looked like you walked on the green line, underground like a mole, past the water drop and then back up to the surface again. Could have been interesting…Fun sign of “You are here”, good photo. Didn’t matter where you were, you were just there. Love you, Mutti xxoo

    • Love you Mutti, this comment really made me giggle about the mole analogy! Was so good to chat to you today. Miss and love you heaps xxx

  2. I talked to my brother today. He said one of his friends met a thru at Burney Falls a couple weeks ago. Talk about the back of the bus. Almost to Cascade Locks. Keep at it. Looks like a great week of weather to bust out some good miles.

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