The countdown begins Monday

Without trying to scare myself I thought it wise to calculate exactly how quickly I need to hike to make it out of the USA by the date my visa expires (Oct 10). This means I need to cross the border by October 9 which gives me exactly 30 days from when I leave Cascade Locks on Monday afternoon. From Cascade Locks there are 508 miles to Manning Park. Even my simple maths skills have allowed me to calculate that from Cascade Locks to Manning Park, I need to average a total of 17 miles a day for 30 days. This doesn’t take into account any zero days, which means that if I wish to take a break in the next month, I will need to have saved up enough miles in the piggy bank to ensure that my average daily mileage doesn’t go too far above 17.

Some may look at these numbers and say ‘piece of cake’. I look at these numbers and see little room for error. I am a good saver by nature though, so I think the motivation to fill the piggy bank with miles will help push me forward on the days when I’m lacking energy. Most of Monday will be spent sorting out my excess gear and resupply at the post office so I haven’t included that day in my calculations, which means any miles clocked on Monday go straight into the bank!

Now it’s time to hit the trail. I’m currently nursing a food coma after the most delicious breakfast thanks to Ann! The sun is finally shining again and it’s going to be a beautiful hike down to the OR/WA border!

Please ignore my creepy shiny front tooth in the video below:



17 thoughts on “The countdown begins Monday

  1. Muk,
    The sad thing is that the world is full of people who like nothing other than to negatively mess with the positive accomplishments of others. We can be bewildered by what this man said and did. But it’s best just to be humored by it and move on – – which it seems you are doing.

    You’re going to make it! Keep putting those miles in the piggy bank and just keep on hiking!! We’re with you in spirit.

  2. ‘piece of cake’, maybe for some, not for me though. 🙂 Maybe a huge German Chocolate cake and a massive food comma after! But I know you can do it. 🙂 Weather looks good for most of the month, so maybe you’ll actually have some decent weather too. 🙂 Enjoy the colors of Washington this month. We will be watching for you on the trail.

    Keep Hiking!

    • Wolfman, Thank you for your kind words on inspiring our next generation. As the say, “it takes a village…a PCT village.” Reading this blog I hope Muk Muk finishes the trail with some time to visit any of my schools before her visa times out. How sweet of her to give me a first-name mention in today’s video. Had a great day hiking with my dogs in the mountains inspired by her. Thanks, Muk!

    • So I am reading all this comments about trolls and “Man” comments and thinking “what the hell did I miss?” Well it turns out your Video. It did not show up before, but I just saw it. So funny, why would anyone want to kill them selves and hike 24 hours straight? Maybe the last day of the trail or just before a couple zeros, maybe. Anyway, I can’t speak for this hikers but hike your own hike and enjoy your journey, it’s your hike!

      Keep Hiking!

  3. Someone actually told you to “be a man”? Like it makes a difference if you stand up to pee? You just keep hiking like the strong woman you are and you’ll successfully complete this epic adventure. I have so enjoyed keeping up with your posts, as have your other followers. Washington is one of the most beautiful places in the world when the weather is nice and September can be an especially gorgeous month, warm days, cool nights……..hope that’s what you get. Thanks for sharing.

  4. With you & your blog, you are extremely courageous, encouraging, keep it going and soon you will succeed your goal & dreams! Thinking of you along the way! Pic are beautiful, hope you go all the way…Back in Ca, Rebekah…hope you enjoy Washington &the weathers good!

  5. I really HATE trolls, nasty people who have nothing better than to spread there negativity out there and hide behind the anonymous nature of the web, especially those who claim to be hikers and/or mountaineers.

    My family and friends are pretty serious in these endeavors and are the most generous and encouraging people. And I shared both your blogs with two of my gnarly nephews and they loved and were moved by your stories. These are young men whose friends did huge sections of the PCT last year. Hike on, you can do it. You have motivated so many.

    • So, I must admit earlier your video didn’t appear at all on my screen and thought some hidden troll had told you to be a man. (You may laugh at me.) But to your face is so baffling, obnoxious and a little hilarious. Oh, my some people. I say enjoy your hike and the experience. Mt. Hood and the trails to the Columbia River are spectacular. Washington is going to be wonder.

  6. Wasn’t there another guy, earlier on the trail, who told you that you were now a man, or something like that? There are always people who say random weird/stupid things, and it’s always about them, never really about you.

    Love the idea of you planning to stash away miles in the piggy bank, and doing all these arithmetic exercises while you’re lying in a food coma!

    You’re doing great, Muk! Hope the trail provides you a great home stretch!


  7. Rozanne,
    When a guy says “be a man” to you, he obviously has not been reading your blog!
    If he meant for you to do the difficult, to be courageous, to show mental & physical strength, then you are the biggest baddest, hairiest guy hiking in the Northwest woods!
    The best thing about ignorant comments is that they are easy to ignore. Surely your exchange was his loss.

  8. Hi Muk
    So impressed with your hike
    can i ask you some dull questions
    1 is how do you write your blog and upload Video while on the trail or do you wait till your in town ?
    and 2 what phone network did you go for and is that working ? anything you would do differently or havnt learnt from others
    Snailtrainer x

    Keep hiking

    • Quick answer: 1. Use my iPhone and upload on trail if there is reception, otherwise wait until town. 2. AT&T. Sometimes good sometimes bad. Will do full review at the end! 🙂

  9. Following you from the UK, Israel and now Turkey. The highs and the lows lady, you keep on carrying on. Immensely proud, awe struck and touched. I’m saddened by yours and UB’s separation, but it won’t be for long. Onwards and I can’t wait to see you at the other side xxxx

  10. You already ARE “the man”, and “the woman”, and the “tough as nails woman”, and the “most honest and true hiker”, the world’s best blogger (ok, UB is actually tied on that one, due to his fanastic videos!). I could keep going, but you get the point. I only met for an hour or so, but your blog makes us feel like we’re with you on the trail,and as much as it makes us trail angels happy, it must be simply amazing to your pre-trail family and pre-trail friends. As you get closer to Canada, I think I’m just hoping to hear more about your adventure after the hike! Oh, and Washington seems very wet this year, bring all your rain gear!

  11. Hi darling, my Monday is nearly finishing and yours is soon starting. The start of the last leg of the trail, this may be a challenging one. The will and determination to pass those two flag poles (on the photo), will get you there. Don’t let your mind go faster then your body, make sure that you stay healthy and strong. The concept of the Piggy Bank for the miles is great. The support you get from the people through their replies is just wonderful. I wish you strength, health and success. Your are doing so well and I am very proud of you. Love Mutti xxoo

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