Clear skies over Mt Hood

Today’s weather was an absolute contrast to yesterday’s with clear blue skies and full sunshine! I was able to see the top of Mt Hood for the first time and could see all the way back to Mt Jefferson where I’d been only a few days before. There were lots of day hikers from Timberline on the trail, so my first few miles were slow, as I couldn’t help but stop to chat and answer their many questions. One group of four women asked if I could take a picture of them and were absolutely shocked to discover I was a thru hiker. They said most of the ones they’d seen were dirty, smelly and mainly had long un-groomed facial hair (referring to the men I assume).

I told them all about my journey so far, about UB, run ins with wild animals and windstorms. Their excitement gave me such a boost that I hiked the first 9 miles without taking a break, then found a nice open flat spot to have lunch. I ditched my salami at Timberline as I suspect it was causing my after lunch tummy discomfort. I did feel a little better a today so maybe this was the key.

I had to cross Sandy River immediately after my break, and was surprised at how nimble I felt hopping from log to rock to log all the way across. A group of women watching even gave me a round of applause when I reached the other side successfully. Soon afterwards I took the Ramona Falls trail to see the giant waterfall, then came across another river crossing which I did not execute quite as eloquently.

The rest of the day was mainly uphill along switchbacks, then finally down again to the campsite I hoped to crash at. I was devastated when I found it occupied by four tents already. One of the occupants was a former PCT hiker and offered me a space, but it was so crowded I simply followed his directions to the closest water source (which took me a while to find), then carried on until I found the first semi flat spot.

Tomorrow I’m planning to hike around 23 miles to the 4 1/2 mile camp on the Eagle Creek Trail. I’m excited to see this trail which I’ve been planning to hike ever since I started reading about the PCT!









13 thoughts on “Clear skies over Mt Hood

  1. Muk Muk,
    Great to hear and see you are back on trail and hiking on! Your spirits seem to be really up, (Other than the nasty camp site.) We are all super stoked (That’s Californian for really excited!) for you. Keep hiking!!

  2. Rock On Girlfriend !
    Love the pink girlie toes. It is good to pamper yourself any small way you can.
    Keep smiling.

    Best Wishes from Alaska…

  3. Both toe nails and finger nails done up fancy!! Wow, you looking sexy! It must be nice to be so clean after so much time on the trail. Love the diver crossing series, it was very entertaining to watch! But, yea, watch those Alders they be down right slippery when they’re wet. Be safe and Keep Hiking!

  4. Hi Rozanne,

    Wow! Only 550 miles to go! Sounds like a piece of cake compared to what you have already accomplished. Love the pink toes. They are good to go anywhere.


  5. Hi darling, yes how to cross a wild running river without getting your shoes wet. Well you did, funny girl. Some amazing photos, by the way was that snake a real one or had it just left its coat there and got a new one. Great observation of the pink color you had on and around you, not a color which you see a lot in the nature, great for you to put a little spark around. I hope that you slept well at your chosen campsite. Love Mutti xxoo

  6. The Muddy Fork crossing should not have been that difficult dear! I thought I shared that intel with you last week…were there huckleberries still at the end of that big log? They were delicious!

  7. Can’t believe I found your blog today! I am the publisher of Walk About Magazine, which is published here in Portland, and am so excited to find a woman walking from Mexico to Canada. I will following closely

  8. Great posts Roxanne, Thanks for enduring the additional risk of holding your camera across the log-crossing, we do feel a sense of being there, as usual!
    The photo of your in front of the mt. (is that Hood?), is classic, I hope you use this one for your “round the world speaking tour” when your done & re-couped.
    scott 2

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