17 thoughts on “The final frontier

  1. You made it to WASHINGTON!!!! WAY TO GO!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I hope WA treats you well. (I’m saddened though because I’ve read from other PCT hikers that they aren’t able to blog much while in WA because of poor signals 😦 I’ll be missing your oftenly posted posts.)

  2. Good bridge video! 15 mile speed limit for cars is supposed to help, if they comply. Did you pickup the trail head quickly? I only hiked to Rock Creek from TH. Hope you avoided the PO in the first 5 miles. Didn’t see any after that. Enjoy.

  3. I love the giddiness you had crossing the bridge. Big smile on my face, thanks! 🙂

    BTW, in the US pedestrians are supposed to walk into traffic, bike with traffic. Are things different down under?

    You’re nearly there! Don’t let immigration cart you away in handcuffs. 😉

  4. What a phenomenal milestone! I hope you can feel all of us clapping and cheering you on. You’re on the home stretch now. Way to go!!

  5. You are so damn funny! I an very glad you enjoyed the Bridge of the Gods! And welcome to the Great Big State of Washington. I think it actually has less miles then the other two, but what the hell, were the best anyway!!

    Post when you can, we all know it will be limited.

    Heep Hiking!

  6. You are awesome! I’ve been following your journey for a few weeks now (I plan on going back and reading all of the entries at one point). Congratulations on making it to Washington! Washington is amazing and beautiful, and I think you will love it!

  7. Hi darling, what an interesting bridge, I have never seen a bridge like that, which is all iron and you can look through and which can carry car traffic as well. Horay , you made it to Washington, nearly forgetting that you started on the 15th of April, unbelievable . This last leg can be a challenging part, mentally and physically. Success, strength, health and also lots of enjoyment. You are doing great. Love, Mutti xxoo

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