Some trail rumours are true

When people say Washington is steep, they ain’t kidding! I felt a little bummed stopping at 6:30pm this evening but my feet were beat and the next water source was another 3 miles away. Then I checked Halfmile’s app and realised I’d hiked 23.8 miles, climbed 6078 feet and descended 6474 feet, all in 12 hours. No wonder my body was tired. It was also somewhere in the 80’s today and incredibly humid!


I also found a perfectly flat campsite here at Trout Creek and wasn’t sure where the next one would be. Sadly I think my night hiking days are over, and since it starts getting dark just after 7:30pm, it really cuts my hiking window to 13 hours including all breaks. I have saved 13 miles in the piggy bank thanks to the additional 6.8 I did today, and the 6.2 yesterday. I need to check and see how my stops are lining up with days of the week. Hitting a post office on a weekend could totally set me back.

I almost sent my diva cup home at Cascade Locks and oddly enough today I needed it. This explains why I wasn’t feeling great last night. Guys I know you get uncomfortable when women talk about their periods but this topic was one of my big questions/fears before starting the trip. All I can say is a heavy hip belt and cramps are a nasty combination, and ladies try the diva cup. It’s creepy at first but this is something I’m going to continue using in the real world. Be sure to test it out a few times like any other piece of gear before the trip!

I passed a couple south bounding today who started at the Canadian border. They assured me there was nothing too death defying about the trail, unless you get 60mph winds on Knifes Edge. Hold on… there’s something called Knifes Edge!? I also met Girlie Girl today and immediately understood why she got that name. She was plaiting her hair with a small mirror hanging from a tree branch. We had a great chat and after she told me she was carrying 10 days of food I wanted to change her name to Beast!! I’m carrying 4 and that seems like too much!

When I finally reached Rock Creek for lunch today after 13 miles I was completely out of water. Usually I would do this distance comfortably in the morning with one litre, but I forgot just how much I sweat on the steep uphills and the humidity killed me. I was joined at lunch by a giant slug and a section hiker who I was hesitant to communicate with at first, as he didn’t look like a thru hiker and had a creepy vibe about him. He turned out to be very nice, and is planning to do the entire trail next year. I’m a little more careful about engaging in conversations with randoms after a man in the hot tub at Timberline said he’d massage my feet when I told him I was a thru hiker. I politely declined and made a quick exit!

And lastly, yesterday while I was hiking a very loud random siren sounded. I only caught the end of it but reviewing this video made me giggle, so I thought I’d share it with you for a quick laugh. Off to sleep now, hoping for a big mile day tomorrow! Oh and I have my SPOT device back and will be checking in every morning and at my lunch breaks.




7 thoughts on “Some trail rumours are true

  1. So … did you hear the explosions after the siren? That was probably the Bonneville Dam warning siren that sounds before the explosives are discharged to deter the sea lions from eating the salmon that are trying to get upriver and spawn. It’s spooky in that section when you hear the sirens for the first time.

    Hope you are surviving the hotter weather this week. The forecast is calling for mid-90s at lower elevations through Friday, then it cools to the low-60s/high-70s starting on Saturday.

  2. Ew Yuckie Women stuff! LOL
    By the way that was the “End of the World” Siren, only it was just a test, I think…. Yep still here.
    Washington is wet, even when it is hot it is wet, just the way we roll. But really nothing compared to the east coast and the midwest, THAT is HUMID!
    Glad your enjoying the state and keeping up.

    Keep Hiking!

  3. Hope you caught the 4 mtn view from the ridge prior to Rock Creek (just north of the power lines). In June, I hiked into RC over 1.5 days, then back in 1. That 20 mile return leg tired me out. Bailed on the extra miles to Wind River due to the extra up/down. Saving it for the PCT trek. Enjoy the forests of Washington, and esp Goat Rocks. You’re doing so well!

  4. Muk & UB were on the big screen inspiring about 150 8th graders this morning. Last showing is Friday @ 12:30!! Keep banking those miles, Muk…hoping for school visits if all works out!!! I’ll miss reading of your adventures tho…..

  5. If I’m reading your Spot correctly, tomorrow (Thurs) you’ll be trekking thru Indian Heaven which was mentioned to me by locals. Would be interested in any pics or comments of that section.

  6. Hi darling, yes the months are flying past, luckily you kept the diva cup. Nice to have your lunch with a friend, my oh my such an enormous big, fat slug. 506.1 miles to go, you can do it, hopefully you don’t have to walk over that Knife’s edge. Keep your own pace and you will get there. Strength, health and enjoyment, I am sure that the nature is beautiful. Love Mutti xxoo

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