17 thoughts on “Live update – heading back to the trail

  1. I wish I was out there with you! (When u have a chance–could u give a quick review of your sheepskin? I’m thinking about adding some to my pack on the hip bone and shoulders?)…Thanks!

    • Wish you could be here too! The sheepskin is amazing! It’s lasted 5 months and my shoulders would be raw without it. The only downfall is smelling like a wet dog when it rains but we smell pretty bad anyways! 🙂

      • Thanks so much for the review!! I’m loving your blog posts from Washington. It’s a State I’ve always wanted to hike, but have only been able to do a little. The little I have done in Rainer has beat anything I’ve ever done (except perhaps Norway?). Its awesome you’ve been able to get enough signals to keep posting!!

  2. Hi darling, what a good way to start the day with a lift in the back of a jute. Keep smiling, keep hiking, keep staying healthy and keep staying save. Love you, mutti xxoo

  3. I stumbled upon your site because a friend and I are planning to hike PCT in 2015. We did the Appalachian 3 years ago. You’re a very inspiring woman though. I’m very impressed by your perseverance! If you need anything in a care package, let me know.

    • Thanks Buttercup appreciate it! I’m all good for things but if you have any questions about the trail feel free to shoot them my way when I’m done and I’d be happy to share any advice I can!

  4. Hi Muk Muk, looks like there is a good chance you will be at Stampede Pass (trail mile 2384) next weekend. In case you haven’t heard: My good friend and 2009/2010 PCT thru-hiker Stumbling Norwegian will be there Friday night – Sunday afternoon doing A-M-A-Z-I-N-G trail magic (I joined him for this weekend’s trail magic last night and was totally blown away). You definitely want to be there!

    • Hey there! I’m shooting to be at Snoqualmie Pass by Friday so I might actually miss it 😦 If I get delayed I’ll definitely keep it in mind though! I seem to be around a big pack of hikers at the moment so there’ll be many coming through next weekend! 🙂

    • I’m in Packwood tonight hoping it does actually storm while I’m off trail tonight and not tomorrow 🙂 Thanks for the ride offer though!

    • That string cheese got me to the top of Old Snowy and beyond. I’ll be posting a pic of us at the top eating your cookies soon! So nice to meet you guys! Thanks again! 🙂

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