Friday the 13th

Thankfully nothing freakish happened to me today, other than getting a little unsettled when there was nowhere to camp at the end of the day and I had to push until dark to reach a campsite. The final hustle helped me clock 20 miles on my nero (near zero) day. I was aiming for 17 to avoid breaking the piggy bank, but thanks to the lack of flat ground to camp on I was able to throw in 3 more (total = 34.6 miles = 2 zero days).

I slept in until 7am this morning, then shot out of bed and headed straight to the cafe where I ate last night. I ordered huckleberry pancakes and coffee and had a great chat with Connie the chef/waitress/cashier extraordinaire. I’ve never seen anyone multitask quite like this woman. She could flip French toast, heat apple sauce and ring up my bill simultaneously. I bought a huckleberry scroll for the road then headed back to the grocery store to sort out my food and repack.

There were five of us who stayed overnight above the store and luckily all managed to get a lift back to the trail head with a man named Pat. Pepper Flake and I rode in the back of Pat’s pick up truck all the way back up the mountain in the glorious sunshine. The trail climbed straight away and I took the lead and charged up the mountain with four cups of coffee spurring me on. I only stopped once to pee in the first 10 miles and found an awesome campsite near a pond for lunch. A few of the others caught up, but I packed up after devouring the huckleberry scroll and charged on with a minimum of 17 miles on the brain.

I was doing well for time until I reached the milky Lewis River. I made a very long assessment of any possible rock jumping opportunities, but realised my feet were going to have to get wet so I changed into my Frocs. The water felt ok at the beginning, but it soon froze my feet numb to the point that they were stinging!

From the river it was still over 7 miles to where I’m camped. So often you see campsites scattered everywhere along the trail, until it starts getting dark and you really want to find one, that’s when you can’t!

I just managed to set up my tent before I needed my headlamp. The large animal I heard running through the trees had made me jumpy, but in all honesty, I do freak out a little about mountain lions at night. I try not to, but sometimes I can’t help it. I sang aloud while I set up my tent, and made a point of hammering my tent pegs in noisily with a rock. I’m camped right next to a river which is drowning out most of the sounds outside my tent. I’m going to sleep now so Friday the 13th can clock over to tomorrow without a hiccup!









5 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. Hello Muk Muk,

    It was great to get your update. You’re really setting a great pace!! The photos you posted today are some of the most beautiful yet. I certainly hope you’re pausing enough to take in and enjoy the journey.

    Keep it up. You’re almost there!!

  2. Was out hiking on Friday and had almost the same setup as you, although I was not booking I was about dead looking for a camp site. Got the tent set up just at dark and then tried to eat.

    So glad you moving along at such a great pace! Keep the spirits up and don’t worry about the kitty cats, way less of them up here then down in CA.

    Keep Hiking!

  3. Roz:

    YES!! So relieved, so happy the “tummy thing” passed. From the last few videos you appear to be back in your usual fine fettle! Fantastico!! Yayyy! Super!!! *Hiker*hug* (and for God’s sake, don’t ditch your Diva C. Temporary insanity? What were you thinking? LOL And let the guys stuff it if they can’t handle ALL of us!) (growf hear me roar!)

  4. Sorry for the delayed Spot update report. It’s Sunday night. I see updates posted on Friday, Sat, 2 on Sunday (today) so it’s working. Hope you got a decent rest tonight without any animal issues. Just returned from the Gila Mtn in western New Mexico where thunder/lightning big rain downpours occurred Thurs, Fri, Sat nights. One area got 7″ of rain in 12 hours – wow. Lots of washouts and swollen creeks. But my 6 Moon tent performed great. Lot’s of river crossing practice but water temp was in the low 60f – nice. No issue bathing in that. Probably would have all needed rescue from the original destination but we changed the location in time. Reminded me of what I’ve read from all you thru’s over the past months. Hope Wash is more friendly.

  5. Hi darling, that camp side sounded great, nice food, that huckleberry scroll looked delicious. Some great photos and you did well to get over the river, no wonder that it was freezing, it is melted snow. Not much fun to hear those large animal noises, well their movements. Yes, better be at your spot where you want to camp before dark. You are a very brave girl. Keep hiking and enjoy the scenery, that wilderness is just magical. Love Mutti xxoo

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