Heading into White Pass

I was able to celebrate 5 trail months yesterday in one of the most beautiful places I’ve travelled through yet – The Goat Rocks Wilderness!

I’m now 20 miles from the trail in Packwood. I didn’t hear any big storms last night which might mean they’re still on the way. I’m repacking my food and about to head to the cafe for some coffee and fuel before heading back home to the trail. Bon voyage!


11 thoughts on “Heading into White Pass

  1. It was so cool to meet ya, give you and your fellow hiker (“Bad Seed”?) a short ride, and to give you all a 6-pack to add to the party! Look forward to following your blog now!!

  2. You are screaming on this trail! And blogging, wow. You are fantastic. I have a few more years under my belt then you, but who’s counting. I’ve had big-time jobs and not so big, and to be honest I really don’t know what I am supposed to be. The biggest thing I have gleaned from my journey is to learn from the past, be kind and forgiving of yourself, and look forward. Toss in a little fearlessness, which you have heaps, and bingo: life happens. Keep laughing and blogging.

  3. Note: I found out about your blog by posting photo of you, Bad Seed, and my salsa dancing friend (woman on first backpacking trip!), and then a friend on FB (coworker from long ago and current grad student at Syracuse) said they had been following your blog!! I knew you were a celebrity!! 🙂

  4. You had awesome weather through the Goat Rocks — woohoo! Definitely one of prettiest places to hike in Washington…but there’s so many more ahead too! Hopefully the weather will hold for the best parts. 🙂 Nice job with Knife’s Edge…especially at dusk!

  5. I just finished catching up on your blog from the very beginning and cannot wait for you to reach the end. This whole ride has been incredible to observe and am so proud of you, even though I don’t know you. As someone who is just getting into backpacking, it has been amazing and inspiring to have been able to watch all of your journey. Keep it up MukMuk!

  6. Hi darling, nearly could hear those happy screams Down Under. You have done extremely well. Amazing how the trail lays on the side of those rocky mountains. Hope the storms stay away. Stay safe and success. Love Mutti xxoo

  7. I may have met you (and the couple you were traveling with) at Hotel Packwood on the night of the 15th of September (home of the world’s smallest hotel rooms). The three of you had just dropped down from White Pass. I’ve been wondering for the past few days, given the sudden change in the weather, if the three of you were able to complete the Trail. The guy in your group (from Detroit, I recall) wondered if snow was a possibility before the end of September. I assured him it was. And it was/is.

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