9 thoughts on “Live trail update – back at White Pass

  1. Muk Muk,
    Your last posts have been extremely heartfelt and inspirational. You have done an amazing job at expressing yourelf to all of us who are following you on your journey. I want you to know that we are all so extremely proud of you as a person, and what you are about to accomplish. We are all indeed very fortunate that you have been willing to so eloquently share your experiences with us. You have been nothing short of amazing.

    Please remember, while your endeavor may be coming to the “finish line”; that being the border and the northern terminus, your accomplishment and the satisfaction you get from it never goes away. You get to keep that and have it to reflect on for the rest of your life.

    Keep on hiking!!
    (By the way,,, nice touch using UB’s rain jacket,,, touching)

  2. Hi darling, You seem to be in good spirit, which is great. I hope that the weather behaves its self, luckily you are dressed already for the rain. Hike on little girl in blue and be safe. Love Mutti xxoo

  3. Rozanne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been hopeless and kept forgetting to follow you blog over all these months but I caught up with Kass the other night and she reminded me and told me how great it was. I just want to say that I think you are so INCREDIBLE!!!!! It looks like you have been through some amazingly happy times and some ridiculously hard times – there is no way I could ever do what you are doing! I cant even describe how amazing i think you are for doing this. Love the videos too, it is so lovely to hear your voice and see your beautful face! Hope the last little bit of the trail is super amazing xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. Do you use an iPhone? If so there’s an app I use called “Rotate Video” (very appropriately named.) I use it when I do the same thing you did. 🙂 I loved your reflection on the trail yesterday. That articulates exactly how I feel on the trail on my section hikes. I went through Sisters this year SoBo and brought a bag of Fritos with me for you but missed you when you turned around to go back to Odell. (So I heard on the trail anyway). Great job! By the way. How do you shoot your video. Do you have some sort of mounting system? It looks like you’re not just holding it freely in your hand.


    • Yes I use an iPhone so the rotate video option is a great heads up! I don’t use a mounting system, just my go-go-Gadget arms! 🙂

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