In and out of Snoqualmie Pass

Was hoping to write a quick update but time has run away from me once again and I must now hit the trail at 3:30pm on Friday 20 September! My current Mile Piggy Bank total stands at 76.7 miles so my only big rush at the moment is the pending rain… Eeeek! See you on trail! 🙂

(Why do I always scratch my head when I talk to the camera? I swear I don’t have fleas!)

13 thoughts on “In and out of Snoqualmie Pass

  1. LOVE that you are a saver . . . look how quickly you saved up nearly 77 miles 🙂 The piggy bank is very happy. Glad you got a rejuvenating night’s sleep, sucks about the packages, wondered what happened to your lavender shirt . . . and laughed about the scratching, I notice others do the same and since I returned from Goat Rocks with an itchy back, I’ll attribute it to dry skin (or fleas) LOL

    Stay dry, stay safe, and fingers crossed for some dry blue sky days ahead.

    • The lavender shirt finally got holes too! Bummer! Ahhh Goat Rocks was so awesome! Must go back there again one day. Keep smiling 🙂

  2. Hello Muk Muk,

    Great to see you have dried out from your last wet days on the trail. I hope the weather stays dry for you for the next days on the trail. Way to bank those miles!! Great work.

    Keep on hiking. We’re all with you!!

  3. Muk,

    I enjoyed brunch and could easily have spent double the amount of time chatting the WHOLE afternoon away. Thanks for texting and letting me join you for a brief part of your journey.

    Sorry about your packages, hope your good to go through to Stevens Pass. Take care and enjoy the passing trail!


  4. Please keep up with the latest weather forecasts as I know you are, and all the best on this next leg – we’re all rooting for you.

  5. Muk Muk!

    This is Lodgepole. You seem to be doing quite well! I’m so happy to see that things are still going well for you and that you are checking off the miles. I’m sitting reminiscing about the trail, wishing I were doing what you are doing right now! It’s unbelievable to me that I now have almost settled into 2 jobs and that the people I hiked with are still hiking…so amazing! Your perseverance, along with everyone else’s on the trail, is so refreshing and inspiring. Keep up the good work and soon enough you will be back in the real world wishing you could be where you are now. (Except maybe minus the rain.)

    Annette aka Lodgepole

    • Hey my girl I seriously missed you guys on trail and often thought about you! Wondered if you would be able to stay on trail or not. You guys had the best hiking style I’ve seen, get the miles done quick and then settle into cocktail hour around 6pm!! Say hi to Woozy for me and stay in touch, would love to run into you again somewhere along the line! Lots of love, Muk x

  6. Your doing so good, getting through this wet weather, I’m nervous for the forecast your up against! Your amazing and I’m so glad I found your blog and have followed you on your journey! Stay warm, your almost there!

  7. Hi darling, the main thing to think about is the weather. You have to rug up very warmly and put your sunglasses on so your eyes don’t hurt from the icy cold. You got lots of advice from your followers who know about cold and wet weather. Keep an eye on Bad Seed, so you girls are not too far from each other. Hope that the weather will be a little more pleasant then they predict. Keep warm and dry, keep safe and healthy. Love Mutti xxoo

  8. Hello, we just started following your posts and love the videos, pics, and your writing. We hope to thru hike the PCT when we retire in 5 yrs or so. We would like to know if you need anything . . . working rain gear, thermal under clothing, or anything to make the rest of your trip more comfortable and bearable. We could meet you at Sevens Pass or leave items in Skykomish at the mail drop off place (if that’s where it is). Please let us be of assistance. We just live in Tacoma. Cindy and Bill

    • Thanks guys much appreciated. Wolfman just took us to REI so I’m all sorted for now (hopefully!) Much appreciated though 🙂

  9. Darn it, I want to know where you are with the snow level dropping down to 6,000 feet a few nights ago.. I hope you got some new warm clothes and some good rain gear. A coat with eVent fabric might be what you need for the rain.

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