Oh Canada!

I’m lying in a warm bed in Vancouver listening to the howling wind outside, thinking ‘thank goodness I’m no longer out there!’

It took me 5 months and 22 days to walk 2663 miles from Mexico to Canada. I still have so much to update and post… but for now I just wanted to share my arrival at the monument with you. It was heartbreaking, overwhelming and joyous all at once; bringing many emotions from the last few days to the forefront.

I have many snippets of my final day to share with you tomorrow when the dust has settled a little. All I can say is thank you to the many people who played a major role in getting me over the finish line. I’ve never experienced generosity and kindness like I did throughout my PCT journey. THANK YOU!


95 thoughts on “Oh Canada!

  1. What an adventure! Your perseverance to tackle your goal has been amazing. I have followed a couple other folks’ PCT journals over the years and none has inspired me more than your blog — so much so that it pushed me to finally set a year for my own thru-hike (2016 – gulp!)…I want to see what’s beyond the 9-5. Thank you so much for letting us come with you on your journey!!

  2. Who needs Cheryl Strayed when we have our very own Roz who has a much more compelling story of drama, challenge and suspense. Book? Movie? how about a reality show? All the producers need to do is look at the number of hits to your blog and SPOT page to see what a star you’ve become.

    Congrats on doing it YOUR way and taking advantage of your nearly 6-month US VISA. So impressive the challenges you took on with no hiking, backpacking or snowshoeing experience. You have stubborn determination, not a bad trait to own.

    I was one hitting the refresh button a million times yesterday . . . you really left us in suspense . . . and once again I went to bed concerned. I sure was happy to receive your blog update this morning, so thank you for giving me a day of peace. Well almost, my other adopted hiker, Weeds, is still out there. She was two days ahead of you at Castella, took a long break in Skykomish waiting out the weather, and resumed travel on Saturday. We got an update from her yesterday that she was headed into Stehekin for her package and snowshoes. Please keep her in your thoughts. Gotta bring home both of my adoptees!

    Welcome back to reality! Can’t wait to experience the missing chapters. Rest well my friend and know you are always welcome at my home. Keep in touch, hugs to you, be good to your body!

  3. Congratulations Rozanne! Truly incredible and unbelievable except that I’ve been able to follow along and know how amazing and challenging its been. So proud and happy for you! Rest up and enjoy letting it all soak in. Mol x

  4. Muk,

    Congrats on your hike! I could just copy paste all of the comments here to express myself, but you will probably read them several times anyway.

    I knew way back in California when you cried the first time (on camera), that you had it in you to make it all the way. The journey was riveting and only you and your style could have made it that way.

    Cudos to bk and Mutti, you are the starting monument in Muk’s life!


  5. Congratulations! I knew you would make it! I have been following your blog for months now, but have never posted a comment; actually I have never posted anything on anyone’s blog before. Your journey has been so inspiring. It has been a joy to feel like I am a small part of it in some way just by reading your posts and watching your videos. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are awesome!

  6. Congratulations. What a hike you have had and shared with us all. Sleep in, warm up and eat consecutive meals that are fresh from the oven. Keep writing and having adventures, though perhaps a little less worrisome then the last 10 days – I say this as a backcountry skier – for we have all become rather attached to you. I know may be a newsflash. You really fought through. Cheers.

  7. Wow! I am speechless after following your journey and it has come to an end. I am so glad you made it safely. You are an amazing woman and it is so refreshing to follow someone who is so honest and transparent. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and will very much miss checking in on your PCT hike. Can’t wait to hear about the last leg and all the highs and lows. I hope re-entering the “real world” isn’t too hard on you.
    long time reader from Southern California,

  8. Congratulations – what an amazing journey in so many ways!!. Thank you for Sharing. You are a great in inspiration – Respect:))

  9. Your feat is something that really inspires. Thank you for sharing your trek. The good and the bad. I am very happy for you. Well Done young lady.

  10. YOU DID IT!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Been following you the whole way, and I cannot tell you how much of an inspiration you have been: your courage, your strength, your badassery, your authenticity and desire to experience and live life as YOU live it and experience it and no one else, your beauty and beautiful outlook on life, all of it Muk Muk! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! 😀 Ever since I met you and UB while hiking with Snort, I have held on to the light that simply glows from you and never once doubted that you would catch your dream. Keep on dreaming Muk Muk, you inspire all of us. Much love, massive hugs, and the biggest of congratulations!!! Hannah (Snort’s sister)

  11. Congrats Muk Muk! Hell of an accomplishment. Thanks for sharing your journey. It has allowed others to dream, and dream big. 🙂

  12. Bravo! You are awesome. I would like to do the PCT some day, but if I don’t, I have your Blog and I vicariously shared your adventure. Thank you so much! Many Hugs and congratulations.

  13. @g7cat is my dad! He introduced me to your blog a couple of months ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since! (We’ve been texting back an forth for the last couple days as you approached the border – updating each other on any news, worrying for you, and sending many good vibes). Thank you for sharing your adventure – the good, bad and beautiful. You really are a remarkable woman – bringing an enthusiasm to the trail that is just infectious. Congratulations on this momentous achievement!

  14. Congratulations Muk Muk!

    Your blog has been such a delight to read. It is not just experiencing the trail through your eyes—which in itself was entertaining. As my wife said after watching your multiple videos crossing a stream on a log, “she really is charming.” But what made your story so compelling is the honesty of your posts. You were willing to share your most personal moments on the trail—not only the joys, but the frustrations, pain, fear, loneliness, and the tears. Providing us such an intimate view of your journey made us all feel like your close friends.

    There is a poignant quote by Earl Warren, 14th Chief Justice of the US that comes to mind: “I always turn to the sports page first, which records people’s accomplishments. The front page has nothing but man’s failures.” Indeed, so much of what comes through the media 24/7 is a documentation of human failure. Your journey has been a delight to experience because it is a charming young lady’s chronicle of pushing beyond her comfort zone and accomplishing her goal.

    Thanks again, and I wish you great success in all your future ventures, both on and off the trail.

    Herb Stroh
    Prospective Class 2016

  15. What a blessing this blog has been. Not only have I learned so much from you, I feel as though I have gained a friend! Can’t waiting to hear all the in between details, and well quite frankly Muk, you may have to continue this in your everyday life so everyone of your fans on this blog can keep up on your life adventures! Love and thanks, as well as continued admiration to you!

  16. I was so nervous these last few days for you . But I had no doubt you’d make it! I will admit your video posts where you cry always made me cringe a little. You give great ” cry face” but this video I was crying along with you. You’ve taken female power up a notch and as my 7 year old daughter read your posts along with me I suddenly realized YOU became an inspiration to her and that my lovely lady is bigger then the trail itself. To inspire future girls to live out a dream, to tackle, persevere , it’s ok to cry, laugh, battle mountains and mountain lions… To not give up! That’s the greatest thing you’ve done . So on behalf of myself and Georgie ( my 7 year old daughter) we say congrats! And Thank You

  17. Muk Muk!!!! The biggest congrats and sending so much love your way. I want to just cook you hot meals and pamper you for the next week! I started reading your blog about 10 days ago when I returned to Van and I’ve been late to appointments all week! I couldn’t stop reading! I have cried watching your videos, reading your posts and I’m so so very proud of you, your authenticity and your tenacity for life. There were days that I didn’t leave my house as I sorted through all the comments and repeatedly checked your SPOT location. I didn’t even know what SPOT was a week ago and yesterday I checked it every 10 minutes! Your journey, your trials, your triumphs have not only inspired me and countless others – but most importantly you have reminded us all about living your own life – by your own rules. You have what it takes to do whatever your heart and your mind imagines. Think and dream BIG for your next adventure! Can’t wait to see you and give you a huge hug in person. xx

  18. Congratulations. What a journey. The only thing I want to add to all the above comments is….I plan to tell my grandchildren (ages 6 & 8) about you. I want them to know what is possible. Dream big…set goals…and act on them. You are truly an inspiration to all of us.

  19. Massive congratulations! So inspirational & heart warming to see you finish. Enjoy the recovery, I imagine it will be quite an adjustment. Best of luck, Jeremy.

  20. You have kept me glued to the computer throughout the summer. Thank you for letting us share in this incredible accomplishment. Well done, Rozanne!

  21. Congratulations, glad you are safe, have been worried. I have followed your blog since the beginning and I just want to say – you are my hero!

  22. Hi darling, I cried with you when you arrived there at the monument. Such an emotion would have streamed through you. Congratulations darling, you made your dream come true. Who could ever imagine how this journey would unfold. I still can see you leaving Sydney with your backpack. How wonderful this journey has been for you and for all of us too. Without your blog we would have never seen the beautiful wilderness you hiked through, never known the emotions you have gone through and never have felt your determination to finish this PCT trail. I am sooooo..proud of you. Enjoy your friends there in Vancouver and have a well earned rest and spoiling time. Love you heaps, Mutti xxoo

  23. So proud of you! Been following your hike since we met under the 10 freeway in Southern California and you gave me your blog URL. You weren’t afraid to tell us how it felt, joys, irritations, fears, highs, lows and the ultimate moment when you finished. Loved it. Thanks for sharing your journey and big congrats!

  24. Congratulations!! How amazing you are!! I cried right along with you as you reached the monument. Thanks for taking us right along with you!!

  25. Rozaaaaaaannnee!!!!!! WOW. You are SUPER WOMAN. There are no words for how ridiculously incredible I think you are for having achieved this. I LOVE your blog and I LOVE watching and listening to you in your videos. They make me feel (to an extent!) what you feel and I have cried and laughed with you whilst watching them. It’s just amazing what you’ve done. Seriously, I can’t get over it. Like I actually can’t. Haha.

    Sending all my love and huge hugs to you xoxoxoxo
    Whats the next step? Will you be back in Melbourne soon?

    Love Fee

  26. We’ve been inspired by you every single day since meeting you by chance south of Ebbets Pass months (and months!) ago. Wow is right !!!! Wow, wow, wow: inspired by your courage and tenacity and grace and honesty- THANK YOU so much for this journal you’ve shared, thank you as you’ve met your goal to be inspirational to others in living the large dreams: we have been changed by our chance meeting in so many good ways. Can I have your autograph ??! All the best for every future adventure: now the wild is a part of you forever. Best. Chris and Francine and golden retriever Skye.

  27. Congratulations, Muk Muk! Many ups and downs (literally and figuratively!) along the way, but you did it! After getting hurt and having to leave the trail, I am living vicariously through all the hikers posting their experiences and my kids, who are following “in your footsteps” to the monument. Glad I got to meet you at the Saufley’s. – Zazu/Hoppity/Fractured

  28. Absolutely riveting! I have been glued to your blog for the last three days. You are amazing and daring! Thank you for sharing your hike with us!

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