Xlendi, Gozo – 30/9/12

This question gets me every time. As an experienced PCT hiker named Billy Goat once said “if you have to ask, then you’ll never understand.”

On September 30 2012 I was sitting at the top of a cliff on a huge rock overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and thought, ‘in 2013 I’m going to hike the Pacific Crest Trail’. My friend Sarah who I met during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics hiked the trail in 2004. When she told me about her adventure back in 2008, I knew it was something I would one day tackle.

Freedom, excitement, challenge and adventure are all words that may begin to describe ‘why’ I have chosen to do this. For me, it’s hard to understand ‘why’ you wouldn’t do something like this if you had the health, finances and freedom to do so.

I am documenting the challenge to inspire those around me to dream big and dare to succeed. Excuses and so called ‘reality’ often stops people from stepping out of their comfort zone to see the true beauty of this planet.

I hope that people see there’s more to life than the 9-5, because the lessons we learn about ourselves when we get back to nature are the ones that make us stronger, more courageous and better people. They are the memories we will hold onto forever.

44 thoughts on “Why?

  1. What a good start to your blog and I love the picture.Thanks for sending me the link. I do not have to ask why, I am extremely envious and think it will be a fabulous adventure.

  2. You are so right! Like you are discovering the world, we are discovering Amber. Talking about stepping out of your comfort zone! Nice that you’re making a blog, because now I have 2 nice things to experience: your cool stories and our little Amber. Rozanne, live life to the max!!!

  3. Hi Rozanne,

    That is truly an exciting and inspiring adventure. As all your other friends and family, I am a little bit envious, but even more proud that my “little cousin from Australia” has gained such wisdom and courage in her life to take on big challenges and knows to value the beautiful nature around us. Good luck, enjoy and keep us posted. Hamba kahle (go well).

    Wytske (and Shaun and Amy of course!)

  4. Lieve Roosje,

    I am happy to have your blog, so I can “watch” you a little bit!!! You are such a top girl to do such traveling. It must be hard, but you did also the KILLIMANCHARO. You will succeed, I am sure. What are you doing before you go to Mexico? Some work to do or still relaxing?
    Well, Roosje, we meet again and I am curious at reading your adventures. Love, Oma Joky.

  5. Hi my dear Little One. When you told me about walking the Pacific Crest Trail, I didn’t ask Why. I asked you where it exactly was. You want to do and achieve something and I will stand behind you and encourage you. Seeing your excitement in getting every thing ready for the big trip is great to see. You are a strong girl and one who wants to enjoy life and get most out of it. The beauty and magic of the nature will be breathtaking. You may form some lovely friendships with people who have the same interests of you in life. It will be a beautiful experience. I wish you health, wisdom, safety, laughter and lots of enjoyment. Until we meet again somewhere, sometime. Be safe my darling.

    Love always, Mutti xx

  6. Heia dear Posie,
    well I am impressed but not surprised. Your determination and 200% delivery is well known.
    And the route will be well planned no doubt like in 2009/2010. Just sorry you could not wait until 2014 so I could have joined for a 2 week segment..
    Bring some Neil Young music and listen to “Long may you run”….if you can charge out there…solar charge yes..that is a Norwegian invention for Iphone!
    I guess I will be drinking vodka in Moscow this summer while you zip Calfornian wine once a week on your town stops..
    All the best my friend!! Will be reading the blog!

    • Hi Rozanne,

      Today we opened this blog to wish you a good start for your big adventure.
      You are now in Vancouver I think to have a good preparation for that 5 months. Your parents arranged a good stay there for you.
      Love from Miki and Julius.

    • Dear Rozanne,

      We know you started the trail, your big adventure.
      How are your feet? Don’t walk to far and to fast each day. You have time enough to reach the end (when?????). We wish you a lot of nice walkingdays.

      Love from Miki and Julius

  7. Your such a sweet heart.. Hope all is goin well keep ur head up and down lol.. But ill send u and chris a care package soon.

  8. We just saw/spoke to you at 4p.m. May 27th, 2013 passing through at the Chevron mini market in Wrightwood, CA. You’ll like the Sierra Mountains next and Lake Tahoe. Be strong on the walk! You’ll share a memory of a life time. We’re thinking about you and wish the best for you on your journey!

      • Hi Rozanne, there were 4 hikers, two on the outside resting as they just got there and a boy and girl inside the Chevron Mini Market in Wrightwood, Ca. Maybe they’ll catch up to you 🙂 Tehachapi is up a ways, good going, wow! You’re at the start into the Sierra mountains trailing north up towards Lake Tahoe. You’ll love it, we’ve traveled up that way many times. Hope you see the giant Sequoias, these trees are amazing, there after Mammoth Pools and above Cartwright Lake, Or you’ll see allot going into Oregon. Be safe and enjoy the hike!

  9. Hope you’re ok Rozanne, you’ve gone a long ways and maybe out of i-phone range although we’re here for you and hoping you’re alright. On the Itinerary next from Tehachapi is Kennedy Meadows 702.8 miles although in-between is allot of nice places. Hope you can see Mammoth Pools and we believe you will be going through Yosemite National Park before reaching Lake Tahoe. You can view my facebook: rebekah.turner.79@facebook.com to see pictures from up North in the Sierra Mountains if you wish when you rest. May god be with you through this adventure and keep you warm and safe.

  10. Following your blog, we’re happy to know you’re alright, “Caldera Cone cup and bowl, the windshield for my stove and my only spork,” spoon etc. Would you be able to get these things at Kennedy Meadows or would you like us to send to: c\o General Delivery, Independence, CA, 93526, USA…. Us being so near it should get to you by the time you get there. Are you from New Zealand and had flown to Australia, Canada & San Diego, Ca. We’d be happy to help in any way we can, please let us know ASAP so we can send it to you now, it’s 5-29-13 9:30a.m. It’s allot of adjusting from your regular life style but you are so strong willed. Sorry about the fires, there was one a month ago in Camarillo, CA below you by the beach near Ventura. Hope you’ll reach the mountains soon where it’s nicer!

  11. Rozanne, at Kennedy Meadow is a shopping place where you may be able to get these supplies & maybe tinfoil for around your stove. I can’t find one sold separately, good luck to you with getting what you need to get you through this journey, too write back if you need anything. Thanks

  12. Hi Rozanne, realize you came from Australia, welcome to the US, hope all of you are ok! Have you reached Kennedy Meadow? Your internet connect may comeback! It’s suggested it would be better to partner with someone when your in out of range areas because you may not be able to call in a emergency. Too when you travel more north, you may run into Mammoth Pools Reservoir, it’s the direction you’re going. It’s worth seeing. There’s a big bridge going over the rushing waters! My husband says there’s only one way into this area though( there should be signs), it’s worth seeing. Toga pass is nice outside Yosemite. Just some areas to watch for. I don’t like Mono Lake myself because it has too many bugs. If you can get to Mammoth pools is so much nicer. And up at Redding, the lakes that run downward, there’s waterfalls! Shasta Mountains is thin and high up, tall, not like the Sierra mountains, wide and spread out along Ca. Too CourtRight Lake is nice if you get near this lake. You may have seen a giant Sequoias, these big trees by now, hope you have lots of fun all of you, happy trails!

  13. “Everybody falls sometimes
    Gotta find the strength to rise
    From the ashes and make a new beginning
    Anyone can feel the ache
    You think it’s more than you can take
    But you are stronger, stronger than you know
    Don’t you give up now
    The sun will soon be shining
    You gotta face the clouds
    To find the silver lining.
    It doesn’t matter what you’ve heard
    Impossible is not a word
    It’s just a reason for someone not to try
    Everybody’s scared to death
    When they decide to take that step
    Out on the water
    It’ll be alright
    Life is so much more
    Than what your eyes are seeing
    You will find your way
    If you keep believing
    Overcome the odds
    You do have a chance
    (That’s what faith can do)
    When the world says you can’t
    It’ll tell you that you can!

    I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains
    Hope that doesn’t ever end”
    Words from the band Kutless
    Hope you strength in this challenge to make it through,
    after reading your blog, you’ve been through allot!
    Hope when you rest through the nights you may heel any pains in the knees or feet!

    • What a beautiful song and such appropriate words for what UB and I are going through on this hike. UB is very familiar with the band Kutless and often plays their music on the trail. Thank you for thinking of us out here and for your words of strength, courage and determination.

    • Hi Rozanne, it’s been a few days since your last blog in Lone Pine, We hope everything’s ok. The baby bear was nice in your video! You may see more bears up by Mammoth Pools (western side) or Twin Lakes (eastern side)
      The western sierras is more forest, water and nice! You should see deer soon as well. We see them more in the Redding area by Shasta lakes. Wish you could see Trinity Rivers west of Redding. Either way you go, have fun, be safe, enjoy and keep your head up, hope is believing you can do this 🙂

      • Thanks for the blogs, Rozanne! I’m sure everyone is happy to know you’re alright besides the climbing and cold 🙂 You’re at Mt Whitney, when we drive north we can see it on the road passing it. But you’re showing what it’s like in the mountain top. Still when you get up north farther, you’ll see more rushing water, there’s a big one in Twin Lake camp, if you climb up the trail from the camp ground, camp site is Wishon Village, but is also Twin lakes. it’s a ways up more but something to look forward to, hopefully! Be good, enjoy and be careful! It’s Jun 14th, funny kids are at their graduations here while you’re all hiking. 🙂 We talk about you and introduce the PCT, they say, “really, wow the miles”!!

  14. Thanks for all your stories. I am hiking for a week at the end of July and will be on some of the same High Sierra trails. If you get this can you let me know the type of knee brace you and UB use? My knees have been sore on my training hikes so I want to find and use a brace to see if it helps.

    • Hi Kathi, I have been using simple stretchy blue elastic ones which really just keep my knees warm at this stage. UB’s is a little more sturdy. I’m not sure of the brand but he bought it from the pharmacy. You might want to get some better advice if your knees already hurt but definitely use hiking poles, they save my knees daily!!

  15. Hey! Canuck you met hiking the switchbacks today. This is very inspirational – definitely words to keep in mind while I wait for my solar charger to arrive. Great blog!

    • Hey Katie awesome you logged on!! Hope the charger doesn’t delay your hike too long! So good to meet you and wishing you joy for the remainder of your hike!! Muk Muk

  16. Muk Muk,

  17. Rozanne aka Muk Muk, I seriously enjoyed listening to you at your ‘Presentation at the District Office’. Your story is amazing, your travels incredible, your pictures are awesome and you are truly an inspiration. I was touched by your emotions… both your highs and lows on the trail, and then to see how excited you were to meet up with a couple of your trail buddies while visiting the area. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, but because I got to hear your story in person, it really makes it so much better…. you brought your story to life. Thank you again for sharing your experience. Safe travels on your next adventure and I look forward to hearing all about it! 🙂

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