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My goal to walk solo from the border of Mexico to Canada will take me through 3 US States, over 60 mountain passes, through 7 national parks and 24 national forests – a total of 2,663 miles over approximately 150 days.

In addition to the physical challenge of walking the distance of a marathon each day, I’ll be mapping out water supplies and mailing food to designated post offices and hubs along the way.  I’ll ford rivers, cross the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountain ranges, the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts, pass more than 1000 lakes and descend into 19 major canyons.

Due to snowfall in the Sierras and near Canada, thru-hiking is only possible within a five-month time window from the end of April to the end of September.

Although 300 people attempt to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail each year, only half of those complete the 5-month journey. These dedicated individuals inspire their friends, peers, families, and those who read their story. I soon hope to share my own inspiring stories with you.

For more information on the trail check out the PCT website.


14 thoughts on “About / Map

  1. Looking into it more, I seriously want to do this! I’ve been looking into El Camino de Santiago and have plans for that, but maybe this will come after. Glad I came across your site!

    • Great to hear! I’m really glad you’re inspired to do the trail. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have once I’ve stepped foot out there and seen it for myself!

  2. Since disocvering the PCT on a camping trip last year I have felt the urge to take on this great challenge. Taking it on solo is amazing, but I admit that having a guide would help me commit. How would one find experienced through hikes to link up with fr the journey or insight?

  3. I’m fairly late to the party here, but I wanted to drop in and say thank you for recording your journey. As a potential 2014 hiker (I’ll hear in about a week if I get my sabbatical leave), I really appreciate your honesty, your thought, and your dedication. Though I may have a chunk more hiking experience than you did at the start, I, too, sometimes doubt my skills and ability. To vicariously live the trek as you jury-rigged and adapted your way up the trail was fantastic. This was entertaining and gripping by turns: even though I didn’t start reading until after you had made it across the border, I was still tense during your difficult moments, and elated for you in your joys.

    Keep up the journeying and the adventure (as you seem to be doing quite handily), and thanks for giving this hopeful another shot of hope. You rock.

  4. Another reader late for the show. I became interested in through hikes, Joined the “Bay Area Thru-Hiking / Long Distance Backpacking” group on Meetup.com and have become inspired to try the hike, most likely in 2015. I read your blog after your hike completion and found it so interesting, it was hard to do much else until I had completed reading it. I haven’t done back packing before but do a lot of 6-15 mile hikes regularly. After I finish a project this coming year, I plan to be prepared for the PCT hike in 2015 by stretching my hiking range and preparing and learning to backpack during 2014.Thanks for the Great Info and sharing so much. Have you considered doing a regular TV show on your adventures. Your videos match or surpass the quality of most travel shows.

      • I’m interested in the PCT trail- from the Sierras near Bishop Ca up through Washington ( where I live )

      • After I wrote you, I figured it out, but had to go back to read in chronological order!
        Got it!
        You were lucky to finish. I’m following Heather Porter, PCT ambassador who’s from Sydney AU!
        She skipped ahead after Bishop to nearer Lassen.
        Great posts!
        I’ll be completely BGCC back for more!

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