The first shop and cook-up

After a lazy boozy day with my mate BJ yesterday, I got into full action this afternoon immediately after arriving at Sarah’s. While Steve her partner had time to watch the two kids, we jumped into her van to our first stop, Famous Foods. This place was like nothing I’d ever seen, the only words fitting for such a place are ‘hiker heaven’. The place was full of freeze dried, dehydrated, powdered pretty much anything. Onion flakes, potato flakes, peas, corn, hummus, soy milk, you name it. I felt like a deer in headlights as Sarah raced me around the store making recommendations, throwing this and that into the basket.


Sarah scooping me some soup powder at Superstore.

Before being able to process what had happened we were at destination number two, Superstore. The name says it all! This was the place for bulk stuff, as well as aisles and aisles of nuts, powdered soups, granola varieties, sweets, savouries, anything; all in big tubs that you simply spoon the portion you desire into a plastic bag.


Me at the Superstore checkout, Nescafe in hand.


Food so far in my makeshift pantry.

I spent  a total of $34.63 at Famous Foods and $86.56 at Superstor. I feel we scraped the surface a little but there’s plenty more to purchase. This has given me enough to test out what I like and dislike, and to start practise making meals, which I begun this evening.


Vegetable Indian curry and veggie cous cous.

I’m very glad I tested this meal. Firstly the curry was a little spicy for my sensitive taste buds and the veggies in the cous cous remained hard. Conclusions: use plain cous cous with freeze dried veggies and try a new brand of curry. I also had Lipton lemonade crystals as an alternative to water, nice, and I’m currently sitting down to a plastic lid of herbal mandarin orange spice tea.



I have to say this is a contrast to the baked salmon, wild rice and carrot dish BJ and Mrs Brown prepared for me last night!