Long miles to Harts Pass

4 October 2013:

We hit the trail again this morning while it was still dark, and experienced the true beauty of winter as the icy grasses glittered in our headlamps and the sun slowly crept up, shining a radiant red glow on the mountains surrounding us.


As we headed up our first climb we came across three tents, and when we said hello, a voice came out from one asking ‘is that Muk Muk?’ It was Bad Seed! She was travelling with Cherub from South Africa, El Jefe and Puppy. I was so excited to see her in a better tent and with a strong group of hikers. I honestly see her like a little sister, even though she towers above me!


We had blue bird skies once again, but today the snow was a lot slushier, and much harder to hike through. The first ridge climb up the switchbacks was pretty sketchy, with a narrow path cut through the snow and a sheer drop down hundreds of feet. I didn’t even dare to get my camera out at that point, that’s how dicey it felt!



We only had 15 miles to travel to Harts Pass, but the hours kept ticking over, and at times it felt we were moving like snails. The scenery again was mind blowing, but the slushy conditions begun to take their toll, and by the end of the day my poor ankles were so sore I was reduced to no more than a 2 mile per hour hobble.


We arrived at Harts Pass around 5pm and UB made the call to stop while the others continued on. We had a wet sleeping bag and tent to dry out, and some angels had left some dry fire wood and gallons of water in the toilet block. For a cold concrete floor with wafting bathroom smells and mice, it was a relatively comfortable place to spend our final night together.





8 thoughts on “Long miles to Harts Pass

  1. Your post arrived in my email just as I sat down to have a cup of apple cider to warm up after a morning outside in mid-40 degree weather … it’s nothing like your situation was at Harts Pass for sure.

    The pictures have been gorgeous. Thank you again for sharing, and choosing to skip a few pics for safety.

  2. It is so nice to see that you ran into Bad Seed! She has not posted in a bit. The Pacific Northwest is so beautiful in the winter and I’m glad you got to see it. Now you have a new set of skills that you didn’t anticipate (snowshoeing and winter camping)!

  3. Charles Dickens’ serial fiction has nothing on you, Muk Muk. Your last sentence has us all camped out at the newsstand, waiting for the next episode, full of anxiety and an amorphous dread.

  4. Again, such beautiful pictures, a stunning scenery, lovely video – thanks for sharing!
    And slushy snow eats your energy, it is really hard to hike/snowshoe/country-ski in for a longer period of time, so well-done on the 15 miles before 5 pm in difficult terrain!

  5. Congratulations on finishing the PCT!! Wow, that is a SERIOUS accomplishment!!

    I hope you will continue to post on your post-hike life. I really hope that reentering society will go smoothly for you. I wish you the best of luck!!

  6. Now that we know you are in Canada safely, all of us vouyers are dying to know what happened with you and UB. Like a great novel or soap opera (?) your last sentence has us anxiously awaiting the next installment!

  7. Hi darling, such amazing photos again. The snow makes the world look so pure and magical. I love the little campfire your shoes enjoy. So lovely that you are posting out those last blogs of the trail, quiet interesting episodes for your followers. Love you, Mutti xxoo

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