My harrowing night with a mountain lion

This video records my most terrifying trail experience to date.

Watch for the glowing eyes in the first few seconds towards the top left of the video:

Thank you to Harlon and Rusty, my two ground rescuers who started at the trail head at 5am to come and find me:


60 thoughts on “My harrowing night with a mountain lion

  1. Hi Muk Muk. I’m very glad you were safe in the end. I know how scary mountain lions can be. I have a story to tell. I hope you appreciate it.

    I was stalked by one or more mountain lions just four nights ago while hiking solo for the first time at Marmot Pass in the Olympic Mountains in Washington. It was the night of the 28th. I could not see the animals at all, but I could hear them around my tent. I was quite vulnerable as the tent did not allow me to sit up — I remained I various prostrate and praying positions the entire night, and followed the forms with the tip of my knife’s blade.

    One or more mountain lions approached my tent four times that night. The first time was for five minutes, but the last three times for around an hour each. The final approach was around dawn. The birds were already chirping when they came around the last time. They were clearly unafraid of me and my calls. I prayed all night. Finally, and I kid you not, at the top of my lungs I called out to God in the wilderness, and the lions finally scampered off and did not return. I don’t know what happened that night, but I feel so very lucky to be alive now, even with mountain lion attacks as rare as they are. The worst sound I’ve ever heard and ill ever hear again is the sound of those animals’ deep breathing.

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