Still alive…

The thunder and lightning have died down but the rain seems to have set in for the night. We’ll see how good Franco’s seam sealing of my tent is tomorrow morning. I just cooked tuna casserole from inside my tent and am waiting for a break in the rain to pee and then go to sleep.

The start of the day couldn’t have been more of a contrast. I woke up in a huge bed, had steak and eggs for breakfast with about four refills of coffee and took a stroll with Chris to the laundromat as the sun was shining.

We did a quick tidy up of the room before check out at 11am and then headed to the post office. Chris had so much food to sort through and re-package to send ahead. I also had a lot left over from the last section so I’ve sent it well ahead to Drakesbad Guest Ranch north of Sierra City.

A lovely woman named Sally was waiting in the parking lot at the post office to drive another hiker to the trail head. She kindly offered us a ride as our feeble attempts at hitching were not going too well.

When we got out of the car Lion King was coming down the trail. I met him at the kick off and was stoked to see him again. He jumped in with Sally back to town. Honestly the people in Big Bear are some of the kindest I’ve ever met.

Chris was carrying about 10 days of food in his pack in contrast to his usual 2 or 3. The extra weight of his pack was not welcomed one bit and although it made me laugh, I could tell he wasn’t in a happy place. When we hit the road leading to Big Bear Lake north of Big Bear City, Chris decided the extra food had to be sent ahead and headed back into town. He also saw the storm clouds rolling in and thought a night at the hostel might be on the cards. Smart boy!

Not long after Chris left the hail began to fall. I repacked my bag so that my clothes wouldn’t get wet and carried on down the trail. After a total of 10 miles I came across a cute little spot to camp and started to set up my tent just as the heavens opened and the thunder and lighting came crashing through. The storm seems to have come back in force but I just managed to find a break in the rain and now I’m bundled up ready for bed. Till tomorrow, goodnight!


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