Lions, tigers and tarantulas, oh my!

The adrenalin has been pumping this evening after Pac Man and I thought we heard something being attacked on the trail not far from where we had set up camp. The sounds were hard to decipher but it sounded like a woman in agony and lasted at least one minute. We decided to take my SPOT and walk back up the trail to investigate. On the way we passed a tarantula which freaked me out completely, but that was the only thing we saw after 15 minutes heading up the trail. We ended up calling the Anderson’s, trail angels about 14 miles from here just to raise a yellow flag. Pac Man spoke to Terry Anderson who said another hiker had recently woken up with a Cougar 10 feet away in this area. I can tell you I’m a little freaked out cowboy camping tonight, especially with Pac Man zipped up in his tent. But I’m determined not to let these creatures deter me from sleeping under the stars, not after working up the courage to do it in the first place.

There was more drama this morning when I was cutting duct tape off my hiking pole with my pocket scissor and I slipped and sliced across the knuckle of my index finger on my left hand quite deeply. I ran to the kitchen with blood pouring out of my hand and luckily Pac Man was there to give me some paper towel to put around it and told me to hold it above my heart to stop the bleeding. He then created a small splint from a plastic knife so I can’t bend it and reopen the cut and then bandaged me up. I was a little shaken by the shock of the blood and the pain but luckily the splint is stopping me from hurting it further and hopefully it will heal in a few days.


UB left earlier today to reach Hiker Town ahead of the pack so he can set up glow sticks for the walk along the aqua duct for ‘Glow in the dark’. He’s got a new pack and is travelling super lightweight, unlike Pac Man who is still carrying at least four times the weight of most hikers in his giant pack with 8 litres of water.



Once we had packed up at the Saufley’s and sent out our bounce boxes and yet another small package back to Canada, we headed to the bakery to sit out most of the day’s heat and eat and drink real food before hitting the tail. I am now wearing the Cascade shoes that I found in the hiker box in Warner Springs and bounced to the Saufley’s at kick off. I decided not to make the trip to REI because I wanted to test these shoes first and see how my feet feel. They’re definitely better than sandals that’s for sure!


We walked 9.5 miles this evening and have another 14 to go until the Anderson’s. We’re not sure we’ll stop in there as we just took a zero, but we’ll see what tomorrow holds and if I’m still in one piece after tonight!


3 thoughts on “Lions, tigers and tarantulas, oh my!

  1. Hi darling, thanks to Doctor PacMan you didn’t bleed to death. I love the inventive splint. Don’t worry about all those snakes, spiders and cougas, you need to watch your pocket scissor. I hope that those new shoes will do the trick and your feet will be without blisters. Darling that photo of that flower is beautiful. The photo is perfectly taken and the flower is in perfect shape. To me this is a “wish” flower and if you can blow all the seeds off your wish comes true. My wish is that you will be safe during and to the end of the PCT. Love you darling.
    Mutti xx

  2. Videos, pics, and narratives doing fine job of story telling. Keep it up. Hope the feet are healing; sierras might not be any easier on them. Tom’s place would be a good rest if needed; he has hiker trailers and Disc Golf. UB can have an easier aquaduct trek after 30+ miles days. So how long at a time can you run with a pack before hitting the wall?

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